Education and Success: Is there a correlation?

Education is the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or university. While success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. We all have heard, ”Education is the key to success”. Education is important and we cannot deny this fact. It is the process of facilitating learning. This may help achieve success but neither it guarantees the same nor is essential. Because success needs other factors too, like creativity, imagination, thinking out of the box.

Let us look at the most successful stories in history including writers, actors, activists, religious leaders, entrepreneurs, dancers, singers, musicians, and these people are successful in their respective fields. They are remembered not only for the size of the balance in their bank accounts or mansions but for the hearts they touched and the impact they had on the world. Creating something valuable and lasting was their idea of success. There are several areas where education has got nothing to do with success.

From Albert Einstein to Steve Jobs, the world has seen many bright minds who have been ideal and a role model for the coming generation. The only similarity between all these legends is that they did not complete their education. Yet are successful in their life as well as are an inspiration for others. They all had put the age-old belief that education or certification is essential for success in life to shame. They stood as an exception to the popular myth.

Deepali K.

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