Republic Day Protests in India

The question of secularism arises when equal rights are given to both the public and private sectors of economy. India, being predominantly an agricultural country has a large hold in agricultural sector. Farmers play an important role although their pay is poor and many of them belong to below poverty line. The new Farm Laws also known as the amended Farm Laws strive to contribute to the growth and we’ll being of the farmers by privatisation of this sectors and selling it in hands of private companies. The farmers feared that it would cause them loss because the middlemen are being abolished.

Source of image – India Times

Farmers from various parts of the country joined the Republic day parade on January 26,2021. They wore colourful turbans. Their procession overshadowed the Republic Day parade in Delhi. The Police calmed the riot by spraying tear gas. Some of them even reached the area where Modi watched the troops parade and fighter jets fly overhead. Ten thousands of farmers camped on the outskirts of capital protesting against laws that deregulate product market.

The farmers vowed to show Modi their true strenght .The question arises now will the farmers win or Modi ? There has been breakthrough of widespread protests since November 2020 when this Farm Laws were amended. Most of farmers are unhappy as it will affect small scale production.

Many farmers have been injured and some died at the protest.

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