Republic Day Protests in India

The question of secularism arises when equal rights are given to both the public and private sectors of economy. India, being predominantly an agricultural country has a large hold in agricultural sector. Farmers play an important role although their pay is poor and many of them belong to below poverty line. The new Farm Laws also known as the amended Farm Laws strive to contribute to the growth and we’ll being of the farmers by privatisation of this sectors and selling it in hands of private companies. The farmers feared that it would cause them loss because the middlemen are being abolished.

Source of image – India Times

Farmers from various parts of the country joined the Republic day parade on January 26,2021. They wore colourful turbans. Their procession overshadowed the Republic Day parade in Delhi. The Police calmed the riot by spraying tear gas. Some of them even reached the area where Modi watched the troops parade and fighter jets fly overhead. Ten thousands of farmers camped on the outskirts of capital protesting against laws that deregulate product market.

The farmers vowed to show Modi their true strenght .The question arises now will the farmers win or Modi ? There has been breakthrough of widespread protests since November 2020 when this Farm Laws were amended. Most of farmers are unhappy as it will affect small scale production.

Many farmers have been injured and some died at the protest.

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Kolkata – a city to relish

Situated in the Southern part of Bengal, also known as the sweetest part of India,Kolkata stands unique and diverse. Having a rich historic background and a wide cultural diversity,this city is warm and welcoming.

Welcome to Kolkata

Let us start knowing the city by it’s history. This city was established in August 1690 by Job Charnock,an agent of East India Company. It was the capital of British Empire until 1911.

Kolkata is a city which is a beautiful blend of Euporean culture along with Indian Tradition. It was one of the first metropolitan cities of India. It boasts of many Freedom Fighters like Raja Rammohan Roy, scientists like Jagadish Chandra Bose, Swami Vivekananda as well as the first lady doctor of India, Kadambini Devi.

It is known as the ” City of Joy ” and also the ” City of Palaces”.

Specialities of Kolkata

The are some unique things that you will see in Kolkata and not anywhere else.


Trams are the oldest means of transport that runs on signal lines. It runs from Shyambazar to Esplanade costing ₹5.


Yellow colored taxis are found in Kolkata and it is famous for it.

Hand pulled rickshaws

One cannot miss the hardwork and toil of the hand pulled rickshawalas,whose legacy survives only in Kolkata.

Let’s go for some sightseeing

Kolkata boasts of places like Victoria Memorial, Jorashankho Thakurbari, St Paul’s Cathedral,South Park Street Cemetery, Indian Museum, National Library and many more.

Now, let’s relish some delicacies

Kolkata is famous for its sweet called Rosogolla and Kolkata Biriyani which has potato as well as fish fry and many others.

Here’s welcoming you to the city with open arms

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Brain Drain – a growing issue in India

Think of a common middle class household in India. Many Indians dream of a life in developed countries like United States,United Kingdom, Germany,Japan. The question arise that what makes them love those countries and detest their own country. As we set foot upon the Republic day of 2021, which is on 26th January,let us look into the issues that force them so.

Why foreign developed countries appear more appealing ?

  1. Safety and Security – In India,rape cases are prevalent and every four hours,a person is raped. Rape cases are not registered efficiently and the society puts you to shame. Hence,rape victims cannot open their mouth and suffer in silence. In India, it takes years to serve justice while in developed countries,there are severe punishment for rape and accused is put to public shaming. Women safety is a misnomer in our country. Women are afraid to go out alone in night. Safety is a big issue although in Western countries too,one cannot assure that. Safety is in your hands. No place in world is safe.
  2. Corruption – In government sectors corruption is prevalent as these are controlled by bureaucrats and politicians. Work is done by taking bribes. Many noted criminals aren’t punished as they are powerful and rich and justice lies in their hands.In many companies, corruption among co workers lead to loss of jobs,red tape and bureaucracy.
  3. Nosy people – Neighbours and relatives will always poke their nose in your personal matters whether it’s job or marriage.People will persuade you to get married and then have children. This leads to unpleasant vibes and irritation. They will judge everything. While people in developed countries mostly mind their own business.
  4. Fault in education system – Most schools in India encourage rote learning by heart and less practical approach while Western countries encourage practical approach.
  5. Poor facilities in research – Many places in our country do not receive good electricity. Due to lack of resources and overpopulation,the government is unable to establish research centres.
  6. Lack of job facilities – People are unable to get their dream job due to lack of creativity and diverse choices in jobs.
    1. Although living in developed countries does not ensure better standard of living, people gets lured by high income facilities and settle there leading to loss of bright individuals who could actually contribute to the betterment of country.

To decrease chances of people going abroad,the government must take enough steps to develop research facilities in our country.

Overpopulation must be controlled and corruption must be kept under check.

Unemployment or underemployment must be checked and everyone should get job opportunities.

These highly successful individuals must settle in our country to effectively contribute to our GDP. In this way one can be true patriot of their country.

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Largest vaccination drive in India

Since March 2020, the world has been grappled with dangerous Corona virus that has put many places in lockdown. People were eagerly awaiting for vaccine to arrive. After much research and hardwork by our Frontliners and scientist, vaccines have been discovered.

Covisheild and Covaxin,rolled out by Bharat Biotech and Serum Institute of India,against Covid 19. After it underwent a lot of trials,PM Modi has launched biggest vaccination drive on 16 January across 3006 sites as per sources as given below covering over all states and union territories.

It is in Phase two of clinical trials and aim to vaccinate 30 crore population including 3 crore frontliners and health workers.

Now what are the speculations against this vaccination drive ?

In Day 3 of vaccination,as per sources there has been 580 cases of adverse reactions out of 3 lakh 80 thousand people who recieved the vaccine.The greatest awaiting of 2021 is yet to be a success.

These are cases of AEFI ( Adverse Effects following immunisation) as a result less volunteers are turning up for vaccination. A 46 year old ward boy in Delhi suffered breathlessness one hour after receiving the vaccine and died. 12 health workers had to be hospitalized in Madhya Pradesh.

Future of vaccination drive in India –

It is difficult to say whether people will be able to accept this immunization drive. It is now too early to say whether inspite of few cases of adverse reactions,whether people will drop out from taking the vaccine shot or this drive will need a Phase 3 clinical trial.

What will determine the outcome of this drive ?

The success of this drive largely rests upon the population. We see a rise in fear among people who once eagerly awaited for its arrival. Let us see Covid wins or the vaccine.

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Article dated – January 20,2021

Unpaused – ” A tribute to lives during Corona Pandemic” Movie Review

Movie – Unpaused (Movie Review – Spoiler ahead!)
Directors – Tannishtha Chatterjee, Nikkhil Advani, Tannishtha ,
Cast – Gulshan Dev, Saiyami Kher, Richa Chadda, Ishwak Singh, Sumeet Vyas, Lillete Dubey, Rinku Rajguru, Abhishek Banerjee,
Duration – 1 hr 53 min
Release date – 18 December 2020
Language – Hindi

Unpaused Movie Review

“Unpaused” is an anthology of five short stories, each segment directed by different directors. Stories of love, new beginnings, second chances, and a glimmer of hope. Set against the background of Covid 19, this is a tribute to the trials and tribulations of the people during these hard times.
The world stopped all of a sudden and five new stories began.
Each story is woven keeping the background of pandemic which is unique in their own way kept together by a common thread of struggle.

First Story

The first story ‘ Glitch’ starring Gulshan Dev and Saiyami Kher, is dystopian. The storyline is set in 2030 where the virus is the new terrorist who brought humans to their knees and yet the instinct to survive continues. Due to a glitch in the system, the two meet on a virtual date. The story weaves around how they both crave companionship but are unable to meet because Gulshan is a paranoid citizen while Saiyami is a “ frontline warrior”.

Second Story

The second story, “ Apartment” is based upon the mental health of people living in isolation. Devika, played by Richa Chadda suffers from depression after separating from her husband, a celebrated journalist, played by Sumit Vyas accused of sexual assault. At the onset of Janata Curfew, she decided to end her life by hanging from the ceiling. She is rescued by her neighbor, Ishwak Singh. This bittersweet story can make you feel her pain.

Third Story

The third one “ RAT – A – TAT”, is weaved around a 65-year-old lady, Archana, played by Lillete Dubey. The lady who is easily annoyed reluctantly allows a young girl Priyanka, played by Rinku Rajguru to stay in her apartment till the mice which haunted her apartment leaves. This funny yet heartwarming story and the bond between a cranky lady and a cheerful girl will leave you mesmerized.

Fourth Story

The fourth story, “Vishaanu”, focuses on the issue of migrant workers. Geeta and her husband cleverly found a spot in an empty expensive apartment as they try to find a train back to their hometown during the lockdown. Perfectly executed, this will spellbind your mind.

Fifth Story

The fifth story, Chaand Mubarak”, is based on the threatened life of senior citizens buying groceries and medicines during the lockdown. Uma, played by the legendary Ratna Pathak Shah, finds solace in Rafiq, an auto driver who goes out of his way to help her.
The stories bind together emotions of love, pain, loneliness, companionship, and above all, hope.
This movie is highly recommended to watch.

If you have watched the movie Unpaused, do give your review in our comment section.

You can watch the movie on Amazon Prime Video

Written by – Nandita Samanta

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