Quitting social media and effect upon mental health

It has led to a parallel world in the minds of its users where everything is perfect. It is a type of escape from the humdrum of day to day life. People aspire to follow the lifestyle they see. They become depressed when they are unable to follow it due to lack of resources. They feel their life has gone waste unable to follow “reel” life. This has led to rise in anxiety and depression.

Now let’s look at the benefits of quitting social media –

It will give you insurmountable peace. Such is when you don’t need to prove to yourself and live your life in own terms.

It will increase your concentration.

You will spend more time with your close ones.

You will have a sense of belonging to your family.

Now how to quit social media.

Here are few tips.

Uninstall the apps.

Try journalling to pass of anxiety.


Go for a walk.

Develop a hobby.

Lastly, remember that no value is above the value of your life. You will miss nothing. Better let off the thing stealing your peace than holding it and wasting your time. You are precious.

Quitting social media may not fully lead to improvement in mental health. There are various factors associated with it. One must take steps to improve one’s issues. One of them is to talk it out with someone dependable.

So are you living social media “lie” ?

Social media is far away from reality. People who post happy pictures may not be happy in real life. People who posts pictures of lavish lifestyle may be broke in real life. We think that people who are always online lack jobs. However they may be hardworking and successful but do not show them on social media. Do not let these lies ruin your life. Social media is an escape.

Thus it is advised to decrease your use of social media. Do not take anything seriously over there. Fake news are circulated and fake life’s are promoted. A girl having flawless skin may have stiches that are concealed by makeup. A perfect figure may be is suffering from malnutrition. It is like two sides of same coin. One might make you escape as well as depressed. Do not fall into this trap.

Thank you for reading.

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