Largest vaccination drive in India

Since March 2020, the world has been grappled with dangerous Corona virus that has put many places in lockdown. People were eagerly awaiting for vaccine to arrive. After much research and hardwork by our Frontliners and scientist, vaccines have been discovered.

Covisheild and Covaxin,rolled out by Bharat Biotech and Serum Institute of India,against Covid 19. After it underwent a lot of trials,PM Modi has launched biggest vaccination drive on 16 January across 3006 sites as per sources as given below covering over all states and union territories.

It is in Phase two of clinical trials and aim to vaccinate 30 crore population including 3 crore frontliners and health workers.

Now what are the speculations against this vaccination drive ?

In Day 3 of vaccination,as per sources there has been 580 cases of adverse reactions out of 3 lakh 80 thousand people who recieved the vaccine.The greatest awaiting of 2021 is yet to be a success.

These are cases of AEFI ( Adverse Effects following immunisation) as a result less volunteers are turning up for vaccination. A 46 year old ward boy in Delhi suffered breathlessness one hour after receiving the vaccine and died. 12 health workers had to be hospitalized in Madhya Pradesh.

Future of vaccination drive in India –

It is difficult to say whether people will be able to accept this immunization drive. It is now too early to say whether inspite of few cases of adverse reactions,whether people will drop out from taking the vaccine shot or this drive will need a Phase 3 clinical trial.

What will determine the outcome of this drive ?

The success of this drive largely rests upon the population. We see a rise in fear among people who once eagerly awaited for its arrival. Let us see Covid wins or the vaccine.

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Article dated – January 20,2021

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