How to improve concentration ?

Distractions are the common reason why people don’t get their tasks done or reach a particular goal. Whether it is academics or job, people cannot crack exams or reach a desired post if they do not concentrate.Suppose exams are round the corner and you are tensed and unable to concentrate.Let us see the common sources of distractions :

Social media : Common source among youngsters having dependable net connection.

Anxiety and Depression : Anxiety and Depression produces mental blocks that impairs concentration and progress.

Family issues : Family problems can cause impairment in concentration from your work.

Issues in workplace : If the workplace is not well lit or if people are uncooperative,it becomes difficult to concentrate.

Tips to improve concentration

Work on a well lit place. It helps to prevent depression and anxiety.

Chalk out your plans and make a routine.

Mute all notifications if you are on social media..and keep your phone on silent while working.

Use Promodro for 20 mins and recall for 5 mins..and then resume.

Write down your feelings..prevents overthinking.

I hope you find these tips useful.

Meditate for 15 mins a day..can bring in your focus.

Start reading self help books to help yourself. You can search for self help books in the net.

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