Kolkata – a city to relish

Situated in the Southern part of Bengal, also known as the sweetest part of India,Kolkata stands unique and diverse. Having a rich historic background and a wide cultural diversity,this city is warm and welcoming.

Welcome to Kolkata

Let us start knowing the city by it’s history. This city was established in August 1690 by Job Charnock,an agent of East India Company. It was the capital of British Empire until 1911.


Kolkata is a city which is a beautiful blend of Euporean culture along with Indian Tradition. It was one of the first metropolitan cities of India. It boasts of many Freedom Fighters like Raja Rammohan Roy, scientists like Jagadish Chandra Bose, Swami Vivekananda as well as the first lady doctor of India, Kadambini Devi.

It is known as the ” City of Joy ” and also the ” City of Palaces”.

Specialities of Kolkata

The are some unique things that you will see in Kolkata and not anywhere else.


Trams are the oldest means of transport that runs on signal lines. It runs from Shyambazar to Esplanade costing ₹5.


Yellow colored taxis are found in Kolkata and it is famous for it.

Hand pulled rickshaws

One cannot miss the hardwork and toil of the hand pulled rickshawalas,whose legacy survives only in Kolkata.

Let’s go for some sightseeing

Kolkata boasts of places like Victoria Memorial, Jorashankho Thakurbari, St Paul’s Cathedral,South Park Street Cemetery, Indian Museum, National Library and many more.

Now, let’s relish some delicacies

Kolkata is famous for its sweet called Rosogolla and Kolkata Biriyani which has potato as well as fish fry and many others.

Here’s welcoming you to the city with open arms

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