What do children expects from their parents

“Youth cannot know how age thinks and feels. But old men are guilty if they forgot what it was to be young” – JK Rowling

Every parent loves their child immensely and works hard to fulfill their wants and dreams. We all must respect their hardships, but not to forget they too are human who makes mistakes. In a country like India, where our culture teaches us to respect our elders it’s almost a sin to question your parents let alone complain.

We always talk about what a child must do to satisfy their parents, but always ignore the Childs’ perspective. I agree it’s quite hard to build a rapport between parent and child as there’s an age gap yet it is inevitable for a healthy environment.

Here’s what Indian children expects from their parents.

 (Whatever you’ll read in this article is written from children’s perspective, hence it might sound biased.)

Do not compare us:

Many parents compare their children to other kids with a motive to encourage them to excel. Conversely, it does more harm than good as children feel intimidated and under-confident. Every individual has some strengths and weaknesses, it’s wise to identify them and nourish them, rather than comparing and complaining.

Do not avoid important talks:

It’s taboo to even talk about sex, ironically in the second-most populous country. Children have to figure it out all by themselves which results in more and more sex crimes. And please confide about menstruation only in your mothers’ ear.

Please! Have some faith:

I always hear from my friends and acquaintance, “I want to make my parents proud.” “I want to give them all the happiness they deserve.” On the flip side, elders slam youth saying they are selfish, don’t even care for their parents, etc. Ladies and gentlemen, please! Have some faith in your child. They love you and do care about you.

Children are thinking individuals:

In childhood, they teach us how to walk and talk. When we are adults, they teach us how we shouldn’t talk and should behave. They always control our lives in some way due to their love and affection. I understand they wish the best for us but, after a certain point, we need the liberty to make important decisions for ourselves. 

Teach instead of yelling:

Whenever a child makes any mistake instead of yelling, talk to them, teach them. Children need to be scared of their parents respectfully. But yelling at them for every small thing will only make them angry individuals.

Lack of understanding:

Stop assuming that children’s life is leisurely and serene. They too have their issues which, sadly, they are afraid to share with their parents. I think that parents need to try and understand their children’s situation more so that they know what they are going through and help them to live a harmonious life.

 I presume the age-gap might become a hurdle, even so, an intimate talk will do wonders for us.

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