A Fragile World

A Fragile World is a captivating and illustrative documentary about climate change, made by Planet Doc Full Documentaries. This documentary video enlightens the most dominant species on Earth, Homo Sapiens, and how our greed for a sumptuous life has already resulted in climate change and how it has impacted and still affecting biodiversity. We areContinue reading “A Fragile World”

10 Self-Improvement Books everyone must read

No matter what you are looking to improve, there is a book out there for you. With the perfect self-improvement book, you can become your own life coach and the master of your growth. Here are 10 self-help books everyone must read: The Power of your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy This book reveals howContinue reading “10 Self-Improvement Books everyone must read”

30 ways to make people like you

Building a network is one of the most salient quality needed in today’s globalized era. To do so, one must create a positive impression and build a rapport with the people around. However, not everyone succeeds in creating that long-lasting impression. Here are 30 principles, in brief, given by Dale Carnegie in his best-selling bookContinue reading “30 ways to make people like you”

What do children expects from their parents

“Youth cannot know how age thinks and feels. But old men are guilty if they forgot what it was to be young” – JK Rowling Every parent loves their child immensely and works hard to fulfill their wants and dreams. We all must respect their hardships, but not to forget they too are human whoContinue reading “What do children expects from their parents”

Best State in India

NITI Aayog, accompanied by Institute for competitiveness released the second edition of the India Innovation Index. The index has been developed with inspiration from the Global Innovation Index (GII), to invigorate the innovation ecosystem of India and help central and state government to design policies to entice innovation across regions. These are a few indicatorsContinue reading “Best State in India”

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