31 species declared extinct by IUCN

31 Species declared extinct in 2020 by IUCN

The year 2020 poured our lives with tons of evil tidings. However, the only positive thing we heard in early and mid-2020 was how the world-wide lockdown proved as a boon for the environment. A variety of animals were seen hitting the roads and also the air and water quality was seen to be improving. But, as the year came to an end we confront with another distressing news which is the extinction of 31 species.

In an update to its ‘Red List’ of threatened species, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), warned that the world is seeing a worrying number of extinctions. The IUCN was established in 1948 for the protection of nature and promote nature conservation and the sustainable use of natural resources. The IUCN Red List is a critical indicator of the health of the world’s biodiversity.

Here are the names of 31 species declared extinct by IUCN in 2020:
  • All of the world’s freshwater dolphins from Ganga, Amazon, Indus, Irrawaddy and Tucuxi
  • The Lost Shark from the South China Sea enters the Red List as possibly extinct.
  • 17 freshwater fish species endemic to Lake Lanao and its outlet in the Philippines are extinct.
  • 3 Central American Frog species
  • 9 Asian Oak species
  • 3 Macadamia species of the protea family

“The growing list of extinct species is a stark reminder that conservation efforts must urgently expand”, said Dr. Bruno Oberle, IUCN Director General.  

“We can turn things around. We don’t just have to sit there and cry,” said Stuart Pimm, founder of the organization Saving Nature.

With that in mind, we need to contemplate what we have lost. We can mourn them and vow to prevent as many others as possible from joining their ranks.

Written by : Mayuri bhagat

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