Biden wins

Biden wins, India on the way to benefits

Nations neither have a permanent or a permanent enemy. They only have permanent diplomatic interests.
Apart from the fact that an Indian-origin woman will be the vice president of the USA which has made history there are many other bright sides for India. Historically Democrats have always been very soft and friendly towards India and Biden belongs to the Democratic Party. Biden-Harris’s win will benefit India if there is co-operation from India. The Modi-Trump bond was a flex to the world but, it seems that the Modi-Biden friendship might open many benefits for India.

Biden expected to get coronavirus vaccination early next week - CNNPolitics

Now the cold war is not only about the US and Russia. It is also about the USA and China. China has a huge population. The whole population is a deep pool of talent. This abundant talented population provides huge benefits to China. China focuses on becoming a superpower that displeases the US. India can become a very great help to America by giving a bigger domestic market than China. A close partnership with India will succor America to match with China which in return will also benefit India. India has a severe border dispute with China. America can step up in defense, science, and technology.

The pandemic has disrupted the GSC (Global Supply China) forcing many countries to set up manufacturing. This can offer India a very good opportunity to use its talented manpower as an alternative, secure, and reliable GSC. The US wants a GSC which is not an alliance with China. India can also provide a skilled workforce t low labor costs.

Biden wants to encounter the rise of China over the USA. Therefore he wants to make a united front of democratic countries to be the allies of America. The US shares 25% of the world’s democracy and the other democratic countries make up another 25% of the world GDP. China’s dream to rise on its economy and trade cannot be fulfilled if all the democratic countries allies with the US.
Biden has also condemned the strategies of China to demand large land chunks of India. Biden will likely be very hard to counter-terrorism and China along with India.

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