Flying Cars: Not Just a Daydream Anymore!


In the early 2010s, 2020 had been expected to be the likes of a futuristic sci-fi movie.
Pretty much everyone had thought that the most incredible event of the 21st century would be without a doubt AI Technology or at least cars breezing past above our heads. Too bad Covid-19 took the cake.
But right before the end of 2020, we have it! Yes! Flying cars are finally close to making an entry into the public domain.
Dutch company PAL V ( Personal Air-Land Vehicle) announced that flying cars would be setting up a manufacturing unit in India in 2021.
PAL V VP of International Business Development division, Carlo Maasbommel, confirmed Gujarat as the factory location. According to the company’s statement, they consider the State to be a prime spot owing to its “world-class infrastructure” and seaport, which is perfect for import/export.
The flying car travels both land and air compatible, with a speed of 160 km/ph and 180 km/ph, respectively. As is with any brand new technology, it does not come cheap. The minimum price can be around 2 Cores at least.
This news itself makes us quite sure that 2021 is off to a great start!.

by Sameen Husain.

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