Men’s Day

Written by Anjana Bhadra

19th November is considered as a international men’s day! All over the world celebrate this day as an occasion to celebrate boy’s and men’s achievements’ ,in particular for their contribution in their marriage, society, work field  nation etc. Total 44 countries in the world (include India ) celebrate men’s day in this day.

Men are beautiful creature!


In India, Jerome Teelucksingh  revived the event and chose this day to honor his father’s birthday. On this he didn’t want to address this day as not just a gendered day but a day to promote the basic humanitarian values, where all the issues affecting a man can be addressed.


They say, you should be grateful to all the men and boys ,who play a great role in your life, starting from your father, who raise you ,appreciate youeveryday , take your all the responsibilities, give you freedom to grow up independently ,the brother who supports you in every steps of your life, the partner who are meant to you, give strength and support , the son who will be your strength in your old-age , the son of the nations ,who sacrifice their sleep so that we can sleep peacefully in every night and  all the son of the mother who will protect you in your daily life. In our life we can’t return how they sacrifice for us in one day, men’s day is not about celebrating in one day according to me. In your mind, you should celebrate and be happy that  you have got those men who are the pillars of your life. Celebration about what?insulting them 364 days and greet them for 1 days? It’s should be not considered about the controversy, how can we judge all the men for the brutality and crime which are raising day by day in India , the person who are rapist, who assaults the women can’t be a Man!

This is their day.

A man is a very beautiful creature created by god, like women and children. If there is goodness in the world then there Is bad also, and a man doesn’t occupy all the bad the potentials in our life , and everyone can’t be a man in this complex world.

 Being a man is not so easy, society aware a boy from childhood not to be weak and emotional, otherwise they will not able to accept by society. This day you will found so many posts in social media from those also who criticize them for their mistakes. Sometimes we forget they are also human being, not the god. They don’t show emotions in front of us doesn’t mean that they have no feelings. I think from when we will start think in their point of view also, value them then it’ll be the real day to appreciate in our life.

Show some efforts and make them special also, like they do.

To the ones who never get appreciated for those who they’re ,Thanks For being the most perfect man each and every day! Happy International Men’s Day.


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