PUBG, India- a rebirth


Your Diwali is complete now. The best gift for game lovers. Yes, PUBG- Corporation has announced that its nascent stage for the preparation to launch PUBG Mobile India, a new game created specifically for the Indian market is over. Any day shortly will find the official launch in India. In the latest development, it has launched, a new website for the Indian market. The site, as of now, only features social media posts.


The game lovers were at a massive loss when the Government of India banned the game, China, as a mark of Atmanirbhar India and a strengthening measure of national security. The game lovers have been eyeing the page for the past few days when there came an announcement, as in India, it will be launched soon, again. They wait to see the gameplay’s technicalities and make a comparison with the foreign game strategies. It also released its first teaser on its social media handles, which featured famous PUBG personalities Jonathan, Kronten, and Dynam. The poster has made the gamers to be on cloud nine.



The Corporation has also planned to come back with creating an Indian subsidiary and a new game. The corporation with an Indian alliance would hire over 100 employees specializing in business, eSports, and Game development. Regular audits and verifications on the storage systems and Indian users’ personal information is necessary and will be check to ensure privacy policy and data security. The in-game content is handpicking and customized, bearing the local needs in mind. It has also planned to include a feature that places game time restrictions to promote healthy gameplay habits for the younger generation.

The corporation has also decided to authorize these mobile franchises to China-based Tencent games in India as the Indian Government banned it in September due to security reasons.

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