The 46th president of the US, Joe Biden

The 77th-year-old former US vice president becomes the 46th president of the US. Joe Biden, the Democrat Party candidate, has defeated Republican US President Donald Trump in the closely-fought election.

The Biden ministry’s prime concern will be to build up the Indo-US relationship by pushing India to become a permanent member of the United Nations security council, continued cooperation on terrorism, and strengthening ties on climate change and health issues, working towards a multi-fold increase in Bilateral Trade.

image of american president joe biden

In his victory speech, he emphasized a message of unity and said the time is here now to “heal and restore the soul of America.” “I pledge to be a president who seeks not to divide but to unify….., The battle to control the virus…., to secure your family’s health care. The battle to achieve racial justice and root out systemic racism in this country…. “
Similarly, I will name a batch of leading scientists and specialists as transition advisors to help take the Biden-Harris Covid plan and convert it into an action Blueprint that starts on January 20th, 2021.
Also, Kamala Harris, the first Black woman and first South Asian American woman to become vice-president of the United States. She would also be the county’s first Indian-Origin, First Black, and First African American vice president.

Written by- Rajan Kumar
Instagram- @rajankr8115

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