North India to contain Pollution

Written by Vaibhav Yadav

Northern India gears up for pollution control

Global air quality monitoring website has claimed that North India’s air might be the most polluted air in the world as “a thick smog of toxic pollutants” engulfed the surrounding in 2019. Every year after the month of September-October, the stubble burns post-harvest ushers to dreadful instances in Delhi and adjoining states.¬†Extreme cases of stubble firing deteriorate the smog levels and choke Delhi and the surrounding regions. This year too, stubble burning poses a severe threat to pollution levels, air quality, and general public health. The centre and states both are working with utmost diligence and perseverance to tackle the issue in an effective manner.

The farmers and substantial farming tracts of Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, and Punjab are under strict vigilance. Chandigarh and Delhi have already banned the exchange and usage of crackers of all categories with immediate effect. The languishing AQI of Delhi is influencing the well being of netizens. To curb the grave circumstances, the state government is rendering all the imperative arrangements, but the battle can only be conquered with public cooperation. Diwali is around the nooks, which further strikes the issue of firecrackers.

The usage of crackers can make the situation out of control if not embarked correctly. Delhi and its neighbours have already set up a separate commission to regulate stubble burning impacts. The arrest of farmers is making the headlines. North India is handling the situation by making immediate arrests, banning crackers, and monitoring farms. 

Time will depict how the implementation goes and whether it yields satisfactory results or not. For now we can only hope and pray that people residing over there are NOT exposed to hazardous environment.

Pollution: a problem that needs to be taken care of immediately!

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