So, are you an Indian PC gamer and thinking what to play after PUBG got banned in India? Then here is your answer… VALORANT.

On May 21, 2020, Riot Games announced the release of Valorant on June 2, 2020, and the moment it came out CSGO community saw a massive shift or exodus to Valorant as it is the most excited FPS game since its closed Beta.

Unlike PUBG, Valorant is a 5v5 first-person shooter game based in future earth and developed by the markers of ‘League of Legends.’ This company tried an FPS arena for the first time with the launch of Valorant. Still, the developers are not giving the backstory entirely.

However, the concept is pretty much straightforward. The game has 12 characters or, to be more specific, agents with unique powers or abilities to use against the opponent team to make a play or kill them.

Different features of the game:

Valorant also offers five different modes to play:

Unrated: The standard gameplay is where each team gets a chance as an attacker or a defender. The first team to win 13 rounds wins the match.
Competitive: In this, rules are the same as that of unrated, but here you compete for rank (you can better understand it as the tier system of PUBG).
Spike Rush: It a shorter and time-saving modification of the unrated mode. In this, the team’s first team to win four rounds wins the match.
Deathmatch: Here in this mode, you can not apply your characters or agents’ abilities; it a gun only mode. The first team to score 40 wins the match.
Customs: This mode is a fun mode where you can invite your friends to play in a custom room or be used to study maps.

Valorant has got many exciting maps to choose from:

ICEBOX: It is the most complex map of all. It has a unique feature of horizontal ropes and two-tiered planting sites. A two-tiered planting site means you can plant a bomb or in-game known as the spike on both low and high ground.


BIND: It is a two-site map, i.e., site A and site B. An alleyway can access site A in the middle of the plan known as ‘short A’ or through the building hallway known as ‘showers.’ Site B is accessible by the path along the beach known as ‘long B’ or through a window called ‘hookah.’

HAVEN: This map has three sites known as A, B, and C. This model is unique because usually, any bomb defusable plans in FPS games have only two spots.

SPLIT: This map has ropes that allow players to ascend or descend quickly.

ASCENT: This map has the most open area compared to other plans. Also, it was the first map to be added when Valorant was officially released.

Moreover, here are four types of agents used in the game:
Duelists: They work as the entry fraggers for the team. They go in first to get the initial kill and add value to the team.
Initiators: They initiate and create an opportunity for duelists to go in. They do this by ‘breaches flash’ or stun or using Sova’s recon dart, which tells the enemy location.
Controller: These agents work in supporting the team.
Sentinels: These agents’ job is to secure a site for their teammates and watch for flanks.

Valorant Agents are Here:
Breach: Fault Line, Rolling Thunder (Ultimate), Aftershock, Flashpoint.

Brimstone: Sky Smoke, Orbital Strike (Ultimate), Stim Beacon, Incendiary.

Cypher: Spycam, Neural Theft (Ultimate), Trapwire, Cyber Cage. His spycam and Trapwire are considered as one of the best abilities in the game. It is an essential agent in every team composition.

Jett: Tailwind, Bladestorm (Ultimate), Cloudburst, Updraft.

Killjoy: Turret, Lockdown (Ultimate), Alarmbot, Nanoswarm.

Omen: Dark Cover, From the Shadows (Ultimate), Shrouded Step, Paranoia. It is also considered the team-best controller. His dark cover recharges every 30 seconds, so he has an infinite supply of smoke, and his paranoia is nearly impossible to dodge unless a player moves out of the way.

Phoenix: Hot Hands, Run it Back (Ultimate), Blaze, Curveball.

Raze: Paint Shells, Showstopper (Ultimate), Boom Bot, Blast Pack.

Reyna: Dismiss, Empress (Ultimate), Leer, Devour.

Sage: Healing Orb, Resurrection (Ultimate), Barrier Orb, Slow Orb.

Sova: Recon Bolt, Hunter’s Fury (Ultimate), Owl Drone, Shock Bolt.

Viper: Toxic Screen, Viper’s Pit (Ultimate), Snake Bite, Poison Cloud.


Valorant is one of the best FPS games and the only game which can compete with the legendary game CSGO. After the launch, many CSGO best-known players shifted to Valorant. Also, for new talents in FPS gaming, Valorant is becoming their primary platform.

Valorant has players across the world like Sinatraa, TenZ, Hiko, Shinobi, Noted, Aceu, Shroud, Steel, Vice, Zombs, and many more. It also hosts many Indian talented players like HydraFlick, Xyaa, Ankkita, S8UL, Velocity Gaming (aka VLT).

Valorant is a rising PC game all over the world. It has announced its first official tournament ‘Valorant First Strike,’ and with this, the game has entered an Esports ecosystem and will stay here for a long time.

Find the link here to download Valorant:


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