Baba(Kanta Prasad), the owner of the “Baba ka Dhaba,” has filed a police complaint against YouTuber “Gaurav Wasan” who first shot their video for misappropriating funds.

Baba ka Dhaba whole story:
A couple of weeks ago at Malviya Nagar in South Delhi, “Baba ka Dhaba” was merely a food stall, where an old couple was struggling to sell food.

A video went viral by a Food Blogger “Gaurav Wasan” who has been promoting street food vendors for the last eight years;

a YouTuber stalked a mature couple talking and shed tears over the lack of customers covid-19 lockdown at “Baba ka Dhaba” stall. The viral video succeeded by over fifty million on Facebook and thirty million on Instagram.

The story grabbed attention, and now “Baba ka Dhaba” got a crowd to support as well as sponsorship from leading brands and payments.

Videos Impact towards the people:

Afterward, it went viral. Many individuals, politicians, and even Bollywood A star prompt people to help the couple bring to life their establishment. They wrote on their social media:

“Baba ka Dhaba #dilliwalon #dil #dikhao whoever eats here sends, Me pic, I shall put a sweet message with your pics,” Raveena Tandon tweets.

“Make this your next stop! Among many such others in your neighborhood wherever you are…

VocalForLocal, ” Nimrat Kaur appeal.

Randeep Hooda wrote, “Do visit if you are in Delhi Block B, Shivalik Colony, opposite Hanuman Mandir Malviya Nagar, South Delhi.”

Many people come out in his support, and Baba becomes very popular, but some controversy is created here.

Similarly, Many people come out in his support, and Baba becomes very popular.

Priyanka Chopra shared a story on her Instagram handle, saying that: “This is such an uplifting heartwarming story.
After a viral video of an 80 years old Kanta Prasad and his wife, the owner of a small eatery, invites ‘Baba ka Dhaba’ in Delhi.

It prompted a massive outpouring of support. Not only aid the eatery see an overwhelming turnout, but donations have poured in from all parts of the county, turning those tears into a big broad smile.

All thanks to @youtubeswadofficial, who has been using his social media to features struggling local eateries and direct business to them.

He took this initiative one step forward by creating donations link for the couple, which has seen a vast inflow of offerings.”

On the one hand, Kant Prasad filed a Police complaint :
Baba(Kanta Prasad) has filed a police complaint against the FoodBlogger Gaurav Wasan, who first shot the old couple’s video selling food in Delhi. He has alleged that Gaurav was misappropriating funds raised to help his wife and him. Also has alleged cheating, mischief, a criminal conspiracy by Gaurav Wasan.

He further asserts that YouTuber Gaurav Wasan knowingly and purposely shared only his and his family/friends’ bank details with donors and collected a massive amount of donations through different modes of payments, without providing any details to him.

The Police have also authenticated that they have received a complaint about the same.

On the other hand, Gaurav Wasan’s reaction to the complaint:
He has denied all allegations against him and claimed that he had transferred all the money into the bank of Kanta prasad.

He utter, “When I shot the video, I didn’t know it would become this big. I don’t want people to harass BABA (Kanta prasad) so I shared my bank details. “

Ranganathan Madhavan weighs in on the Baba ka Dhaba controversy:

Actor R Madhavan writes about the Baba Ka Dhaba controversy. Madhavan speak that he desires to be proven erroneous, as such incidents deter people from doing good,

Replying to a person who wrote on Twitter that we should applaud Wasan’s effort, Madhavan wrote,” I agree whole heartily @gauravwasan08 has indeed alone incredible work by highlighting the old couple’s plight. If this is a false allegation, we will and should acknowledge and applaud him even more.

A case filed, and someone is up to some mischief, and we need to establish who so that the right people who come to do good do not fully take for a ride and stop doing this altogether.

No social media trail here pls…
let the Delhi police get to the bottom of this; we all want to continue to do good.”

Previously sharing a news report about the couple’s Police compliant, the actor had written, “Elderly owner of Baba Ka Dhaba duped in Delhi?

now, this is the kind of thing that gives ppl a reason not to do good. Unacceptable now if this fraud couple and punished faith will be restored…. @DelhiPoliceFullFaithInYou. “

To Learn:
Many internet users always get influenced emotionally by hearing the plight stories and come forward to help. People donate a vast amount to help without cross-checking about the story and payment methods or the bank details provided.

Also, 3 out of 5 are chances that these people are readily believing the story, not inquiring about the money sent for help has been reached to the needy ones or not?

To overcome such types of fraud, this is our duty to cross-check that, Is one needed to get helped if yes, do quires about the payment methods, bank details, and the money collected as donations reached the needy ones or not?

Also, Have you ever donated any amount through the internet, believing the plight story? If yes, did you try to do quires about the amount donated reached that person or not? Tell us in the comment.

Written by- Rajan Kumar

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