UNCONVENTIONAL minds of youth

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The INDIAN rupee is the official currency of India. Like a coin, everyone has two different Shades. India has more than 30% of youth. But in this highly updated virtual society, how many thoughts can a youth society have?

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We can’t restrict our future deciders who have different thinking abilities; only we can control them but not limit them.

Despite education nowadays, most youngsters are leading their lives and looking into others’ lives through smartphones in this virtual society; some are addicted to playing games like Pubg. Generally, we can’t beat someone immediately with anger. Still, we can do this in this game. Most youths are playing with friends to escape from boredom, and later on, it’s becoming an addiction.

One should know that a game is a game. We can play at any time but not all the time.

Self-care is not a luxury. But It’s an illusion that we should maintain the high cost of living standards to appear as rich.

Most of the youth are going into fake relationships because of attraction and jealousy and experiencing the pain of heartbreak.

But we have to know that one wrong decision of us can’t stop our next step.

Seek respect, not attention. Don’t try to earn attention by trying to be more popular; try to earn respect.

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Every year many creative minds and intelligent students are passing out from SSC board examination and choosing the degrees which are already highly competitive like MBBS, IAS, BSc computers keeping in the view that other courses have a lack of opportunities.

But not qualifying in one exam doesn’t mean that you are not eligible to live or it’s not your fault; every qualification has an excellent opportunity to try until you shouldn’t forget that we depend on our society vice-versa. We are just independent in our thoughts.

Youth will be attractive to more bad deeds than good. They have to know how to be in public as well as at home.

Dos and don’ts to control this

• We have to create a friendly environment from childhood with moral values.

• We Have to show that everything is not free to us we have to pay.

• We have to utilize every natural resource according to our needs and we have to use recycled products instead of using plastic.

• We have to be perfect in public. We need to stop smoking, drinking in public, and disrespecting any gender.


• Youth should know that it is essential to understand the importance of dignity of labor.

• We should respect every gender, even transgender.

• Only Public officials like IAS IPs can’t change our society and can’t solve our society’s problems alone.

• Every one, especially YOUTH, must be self-responsible for themselves and their surroundings.

If our government encourages youth through increased opportunities, that day, kids need not fly for opportunities.

We can have efficient Public officials with an abundance of humanity.

Then, society’s main problems like violence against women, religious issues, poverty, etc. will be minimized.

So, I want to conclude.

IF our young brains will be empowered like this


our Indiawill stand as one of the developing countries in world map.”

In my view youth who are unique, talented are as precious as the currency of our country

Written by M.subhadra.


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    1. Whatever this article says is 100percent true now a days the youth is addicted to the games like anything and they all should wake up to make india a developed country…
      So guys pls wake up and shine like a star

      1. The content is perfect it hits the reality where every human hides in his own shell and puts blame on the society forgetting that he is a part of it not a single soul alone can form a good future but all together creates it gud message dear frnd

    2. Woah i’ts truly what we are facing today and yeah we need to have self responsibility…well said..👌

  1. Amazing Article. Your Article is like a Mirror that shows the reflection of today’s society. There is so much to learn from this article. Thank you for providing and sharing your valuable thoughts❤️.

  2. Reality of society you have showed in this article which makes me imagine for a while.hatsoff to you

  3. This article tells us about the present Sutiation of youth words in this are absolutely correct

  4. Exactly whatever this article says is true. Youth is unique with precious talents and they have empower their talents in changing the society in such a way that our india should be unique from every other countries in every aspect. Hoping soo… NICE SUBBU👏👏

  5. Whatever you said is true, i thought society influence is more in our lives rather than our own desires,great words 👏

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