History and origin of Sports in India

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Sports in India

Human civilization has continuously evolved since the Stones age. Evolution is limited to not only the body of human beings but also the mind of them. People used to do actions that made them happy, and they enjoyed; they used to observe those physical activities which were interesting to do and frequently did it. Later those activities became a kind of enjoyment for those people; by the passage of time, they discovered different aspects of those activities and started performing those for other motives. It was observed that such actions have many positive outcomes like sound health, some extra capabilities, and they enjoyed it as well. This is how different sports/physical activities evolved in every part of the world. Sports in India will be our main focus.

Geographical factor in Sports

In India, we have a variety of games and sports; the form of every sport depends on the geographical condition and culture of that very particular area as these activities have been evolving for an extended period as a culture, but later it got different motives to be performed.

The sports around Himalayan mountainous region are Heli skiing, Hill climbing, etc., The sports around rivers and water bodies in south India are River Rafting, Swimming, etc., So it is so easy to conclude how the form of a sport depends upon the geographical condition of a particular area where it has evolved.

India has some tribal sports, and some mainstream sports; tribal sports refers to a culture which is continuous in that form in every generation, these type of sports are not performed with a motive of an event of the profession, these are performed as a Tribal culture which is indelible. Some of the Tribal sports are Lagoori, Seval Sandai, Jallikattu, etc.

Now, mainstream sports are those sports that are represented on an international level to compete, and such sports are frequent in any mega sports event to participate in as these are mainstream sports and foster the world of sports with its worldwide witnesses. These kinds of sports include stringent rules and regulations.
Some of the Indian mainstream sports are Badminton, Cricket, Volleyball, Athletics events, etc.

Condition of Sports in India

When we ruminate about the spirit of sports and dedication people put to be capable of performing any sport makes it so professional, through the passage of time the level of every sport has increased, it ratifies now it’s not just a means of enjoyment or culture it has transformed into a profession.
Indian world-class sportspeople have earned a lot of medals and appreciations in the whole world, India is a developing country in respect of games sports, India has organized a lot of sports events like Asian Games, Cricket Worldcup, etc.
The ministry of youth affairs and sports was initially set up by the department of sports in 1982, which is still regulating the sports world of India.
Formerly lots of people aimed to be a sportsman in a particular sports field, but in India, there were fewer opportunities and insufficient promotion in the field of games and sports that made feel not safe to opt for any sport as a profession.
Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports regulating this sector has promoted it well and has rekindled the doused hope of youths to opt for a particular sport as a profession; there are a lot of sports universities in India for such aspirants in Haryana, Tamil Nadu, etc.
The highest award achievement in sports is Rajeev Gandhi Khel Ratna in India, and it honors the sportsmen who have been the best in a particular sport; the highest award for coaching achievement is the Dronacharya award, it is an honor for those coaching masters who are excellent and meritorious in their work. Abhinav Bindra became the first sportsman to win a gold medal in Olympics Games and India’s 1st gold medal since 1980 by men’s field hockey team.

Problems faced by sportsmen

Even though there are lots of political Impediments at a higher level amid achieving the stage of being a professional sportsman, most of the people don’t feel safe and prioritized and backed up to opt-in as a profession in India.
These are the problems sportspeople are facing; they’re hard-working but not getting that much effort from the system to flourish their carrier in this sector. India lack infrastructures in different parts of its geographical division to facilitate resources and proper training to aspirants of any particular sport. Sportspeople lack opportunities to perform and compete to raise the level, sports events organized at a recognizable level are not so frequent for sportspeople to be engaged in their productivity.

Measures to improve Sports in India

There are some of the measures which must be taken by the government to improve the condition of Indian Sports.
*Engaging Schools and collages
Govt must bring a mandatory Policy for schools and colleges to participate in some sports organized by the government on a recognizable level; these initiatives would increase the interest of youths for games and sports as nowadays youths are getting indulged into online games in electronic devices, such habits are not going to let the upcoming generation survive in the euphemistic world. The future of sports is in the hands of the upcoming generation, so they must be nourished well.
*Developing infrastructures
Infrastructures regarding sports must be developed in order to broadcast Indian Sports in an attractive manner to fulfilling the demands and requirements of hard-working sportspeople. This would be a beneficial step towards managing resources and regulating within infrastructures located in different places.

*Broadcasting and Promoting
Govt. must make a decision about the promotion of sports in India to make everyone aware of the opportunities they are being offered by govt. And the importance of games n sports, it must be prioritized in any form for everyone to keep each and every citizen of India fit and fine. Broadcasting and promotion include organizing different sports events in different areas of the country on a recognizable level to Kindle the spirit of sports in youths by observing a positive environment.

Govt. must bring reform in sports authority in terms of its fair decision making and by the continuous sneaking those departments responsible for biased execution of the system.

The ministry of youth affairs and sports must do something that a common vernacular phrase “Padhoge Likhoge banoge nawab or kheloge kudoge banoge kharab” turns into “Padhoge Likhoge banoge nawab, kheloge Kudoge banoge lajawab’. The society of India should be made aware of this very field, and it’s own importance individually.

Written by – Utsav Umang

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