Importance of Sex Education

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Popularly known as ‘The Birds and The Bees Talk’ it is important to have a proper Sex Education. Today in a modern world why is the word Sex still a Taboo? Advertisements promoting birth control raise a lot of questions amongst kids which when asked are answered by silence from the parents. The problem is Sex Education has not been a part of our society, which also happens to be the land that gave the world the art of Kamasutra, for so long that it has almost become a topic never to be discussed. There is a growing need for making kids aware of the word Sex and what it is.

What is Sex Education? It is the answers to the age-old question ‘Where do Babies come from?’  and is a means that helps us tell the young ones everything about getting intimate, making love or in general Sex. The reason it is necessary is that nowadays you can find anything on the internet and where else would a curious young mind go looking for something that the parents are embarrassed to even say out loud. This often leads to wrong or misinformed knowledge of sex, often gathered from adult (porn) websites.

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As a result, teens mostly end up being rushed to the hospital due to STDs or other Sex Related Accident. It is not something that should only be a part of the study curriculum but should also be provided by the members of the family especially by the parents’ as it will help the child to open up and share. Sex Education does not only tell kids about sexual desires but also informs them the right way and time to do it, It also tells them everything about their changing body and hormonal imbalances and terms such as Periods, Erection, Pregnancy, Ejaculation etcetera.

Sex Education makes it easier for the person to participate in the act with the correct knowledge and less hesitation when the time is right. Knowing about one’s body is also healthy as you may be able to see early signs of some deadly diseases, and being informed about the opposite gender often helps in lessening curiosity and desperation which comes at an early age where the hormone production spikes and puberty hits. Along with this education also makes understanding Sex with a Mature point of view than something you should be ashamed of. It also provides the information on how sex is not just an act to reproduce but also pleasure and to enjoy it in its true form avoiding unwanted pregnancies with the use of right contraceptives or birth control.

Yes, sex is and will always be a private act, but doing it right and having the knowledge in regards to it has not nor will ever hurt anyone either and as it is always said Precaution is Better than Cure, so is being rightfully informed from a reliable source of a Teacher, Sibling or Parents about sex is the best way to understand the simple Act of Reproducing or Pleasure.

Written by Manavi Singh.

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