Pharma companies looking for Inhaled COVID-19 vaccine ….!

The Pharma companies are looking for Inhaled version of Covid-19 Vaccine after 6-8 months of rigorous trials of the vaccines.

Quick COVID-19 Update.  The Covid-19 vaccine being developed are to be injected into the arm directly. Although the researchers are looking to provide better protection from Novel Coronavirus. It can be made possible by providing protection at the virus attack point that is the nose and mouth.

This new COVID-19 vaccine delivery system that the researchers are looking at requires delivery like a nasal spray and can be proved very effective. So, yes it can be a reality.

Traditionally, the vaccines require two shots for effectiveness. The developers are not even sure if they’ll provide the protection from infection. Scientists and researchers are now betting on superior immune response with inhaled vaccines(nasal spray like delivery system).

This Inhaled Vaccine will directly target the cells which Virus attacks and will be able to develop higher immunity level among the subjects.

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