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“First, do take out some time to appreciate yourself for being COVID-19 free. Secondly,let us hope for the recovery of COVID-19 patients out there. And last, stay safe and protect your loved ones too.”

You thought only humans could change the world? Well, it seems like a little virus can even bring drastic change throughout the globe.


204 days of lockdown already and counting more. COVID-19 just locked everyone in the cage since 11 March 2020. The cases would be increasing rapidly, and the mortality rate is rising along with that number of people recovered is also growing. So, what is it decreasing?


Our interest in other humans is decreasing. We are becoming more anti-social and avoiding people. People who used to call and chat every day are now not picking up the call just because they will have to talk. Self- realization that the world is fake, and they were born alone, and they will die alone is on the verge.

Anti-social special club

In today’s age, you do not have much a choice either you get social or get left behind.COVID-19 pandemic has caused a sharp rise in xenophobia ( Toxic behaviours have taken a heavy toll on society, especially during these daunting times.

The spreading of online anti-social behaviour is not unique to the COVID-19 pandemic. People are showing anti-social behaviours such as hate speeches, cyberbullying, harassment, and usage of offensive languages. This type of anti-social behaviour has not only created chaos among individuals, but it also results in violent hate crimes. Therefore, this undesirable anti-social behaviour needs to get in control as it adds more problems to the already existing crisis.

The lockdown has brought profound changes in the lifestyle of people. People who loved to travel and eat outside now confined to the four walls of their rooms. With more people spending more and more time at home, even the small issues of the house now magnified. There is a 39% increase in noise nuisance complaints.

Various countries are facing different types of issues in this pandemic. The UK saw 55% increased drug dealing cases between March to June, created a much-needed respite in local areas.

This effect of ASB (Anti-Social Behavior) mostly affect youngsters. People now do not want to connect to anyone. Earlier when school, colleges, offices were open at least, it was their daily work to interact with people due to whatever reasons. Now it seems like they found a perfect way to avoid people which is not a good sign of a healthy relationship.

Introverts are having the best time right now. They do not have to socialize anymore to anyone. If they want, can live peacefully among themselves. But the extroverts are facing a rough time now. This pandemic is having a significant effect on them.


Try to be in touch with everyone. Please do not let pandemic take away your favourite people. We all hope that it gets over soon We can live our lives generally as it was before.

Here are some sites to help you to deal with Anti-Social Behavior:

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