Why you should not call anyone ‘Chakka’, ‘Hijra’, ‘Meetha’?

By Mansi Yadav

Be careful with your choice of words

You must have witnessed a lot of social movements taking place like Black Lives Matter, LGBTQIA+, Feminism, etc. Have you been a part of one? Well, Today, it’s not the movement that needs attention, but the way people are being referred. Let’s focus on one community for now i.e. LGBTQIA+ Community.
How many people amongst you have called someone as ‘Meetha’, ‘Chakka’, ‘Hijra’? I’m sure these words have been used in a negative connotation. Have you ever thought that the way you use these words make it sound no less than a cuss word?
So, is it okay to get offended by these words? ` time for a reality check guys.

Table of Contents
• What does ‘Chakka’, ‘Hijra’, ‘Meetha’ mean?
• Are these words equivalent to cuss words?
– Tiktokers are often called ‘Meetha’
– Creates negative impact, says ‘Jogti’
• It’s time to normalize!
– Shubh Mangal Savdhaan revolutionizing perspectives

What does ‘Chakka’, ‘Hijra’, ‘Meetha’ mean?
Okay, these are very basic terms used for LGBTQIA+ people. ‘Hijra’, ‘Chakka’ are words used for transgenders and ‘Meetha’ is a word used for gay. There may be many terms but these three are the most used ones.

Are these words equivalent to cuss words?
The community have accepted the reality and identified themselves as who they really are, which is normal. Now, the problem lies in the way these words are used as derogatory terms.

There have been many incidents where politicians like Uddhav Thackrey used the word ‘eunuch’ for former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh which when translated in Hindi means ‘Hijra’.
Tiktokers are often called ‘Meetha’
Not only the politicians but several YouTubers use these words for ‘Tiktokers’. They are not cuss words but generic terms. By using them you are insulting the entire community. How hypocrite can you be if you are using them? Ask, yourself!

Deep down, all they crave is respect

Just for social media popularity and to gain engagement, you pretend to stand with this community but when it comes to real life, you don’t stand by your own words.

Creates negative impact, says ‘Jogti’
There was one beautiful video on Instagram which featured the ‘JogtiTransgender Community. It revolved around the lives of transgenders and busting myths on their ‘claps’.
They were talking about how many transgenders like them have adopted children. Often in schools, people tease these children by calling them as ‘eunuch’s son’.

Now, tell me guys to which extent is it justified? This leaves a negative impact on the child about these words. Technically, you are demoralizing the whole community.
All this while, the LGBTQIA+ community have been struggling to gain recognition and equal status in the society. Such verbal actions make their effort go in vain.

It’s time to normalize!

Think differently, change your perspective

Yes, you read it right. It’s high time you should exclude all the transphobic and homophobic slurs from your slangs. Normalize the words used for this community and change your perspective. Make this society a better place to live in.

Shubh Mangal Savdhaan revolutionizing perspectives
Appreciate the initiative taken by movies like Shubh Mangal Savdhaan which force people to change their conservative attitude towards LGBTQIA+ Community.
After all, everyone is a human being and deserves to live with dignity!

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