Growing Menace Of Drug Abuse

Written by Anshika Yadav

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Youth is the nation’s future. Responsible and morally nurtured youth shape the nation and further helps in growing and developing the nation. Any negative deviation in their Intellect or behaviour can be a Blunder upon the nation.

Nowadays every person in society is surrounded by some or other toxic habit and DRUG ABUSE is something very devastating, increasing day by day.

What is Drug Abuse?
Drug abuse is the habitual taking of illicit drugs followed by addiction. In a later stage, a person becomes totally dependent on a drug both physically and psychologically leading nowhere other than dissolution.

The State of J&K presented a minacious scenario where according to a survey more than 70,000 people are Drug addicts.
The aetiology of drug addiction is related to genetics, self-medication and publicity of drugs by media etc.
In Kashmir, poppy and cannabis are being cultivated on large scales that are sources of too main illicit drugs. Neither the cultivation of such crops nor smuggling of other illicit drugs has been stymied.

The solution

The root of this menace is simply the availability of illicit drugs. The easy access to illicit drugs is the contributive factor.
They are available through two main ways:
Cultivation of illicit drugs crops.
• Drug distribution and trafficking.

The government should curb this menace by taking necessary steps and action. It’s not only the government but also the responsibility of all and sundry.
• Parental role is also significant.
• Society has the major role in fighting this by being Argues eyed to surrounding including the behaviour of youngsters in the locality.
• Instead of ostracizing the addicts there’s there is another way to deal which is to counsel them nicely.

Be kind towards them, so as to help them say No to Drugs.

Recreational centres are also a good source of help.
Co-operate with authorities for facilitating action against culprits behind drug promotion.
Media also holds a good position for spreading awareness.

We can meet this challenge by our collective effort.
It’s high time for the youth to realise their significance in society.

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