Upsurge Of Cyber Bullying

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In today’s upgraded society, technology is becoming more and more widespread and we, as humans have the latest ways to evolve our communication with the world around.
Yet, older issues like harassing, bullying have evolved to a new adverse extent so far in the field of Social Media or the ‘online‘ world. As social media is constantly growing the amount of cyberbullying is also elevating day by day.
Social media is a great way of connecting all over the world but, on the other hand, it is being used to intimidate or harass people irrespective of whatever they do and whoever they are.
Before just diving in let us first get a clear picture of what cyberbullying is defined as:
Cyberbullying is a form of online terrorism or bullying using electronic means. Harmful Bullying includes posting Rumours, defaming people, giving threats, hate speech etc.

How does it affect the victim?
The victim of cyberbullying or harassment can experience depression, low self-esteem, depressing thoughts, frustration, etc.

Why bullying?
Let’s put light on some of the expected reasons for the people who indulge themselves in this inhuman behaviour:
Bullies can pick people who are different or don’t fit in their guidelines of ‘normal‘ or mainstream.
• Your individualism is something to feel good about but it seems like a curse when you are being bullied for who you are. And bullies are simply against peace.
• To make themselves popular or gain attention.
• They simply are jealous of your Intellect or work and bullying is the only thing they find to put you down.

How to deal with this?

Firstly, whatever may be the reason for them to target you, you should remember that you’re not alone or sufferer and there are many ways to overcome this.

• There are many helpful websites like providing an option of signing a complaint against the bully person or group.

• You should never feel ashamed or bad about your existence or who you are. You are not less than a warrior! The bully is the person with the PROBLEM, not you.

Focus on the good: Try being less reactive to that text or comment rather, Focus on wonderful things you are blessed with and be proud of it.

Be a fighter: Find Healthy ways to relieve the stress of mess! There are so many good ways to cope up with low self esteem. Find peace by meditating, exercising and of course your favourite music to boost your confidence.

Unplug yourself from social media for a while, have some time with yourself .

Some facts:

End Now Foundation is India’s only non-profit organization Promoting Internet Ethics and Digital Wellness. They have worked extensively on Cyberbullying and written a book with ISBN.

• In 2007, YouTube introduced the first Anti-Bullying Channel for youth (Beat Bullying), using the assistance of celebrities to tackle the problem.

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