How far the news conveyed by the media is correct? A brief review.

In the primitive era, humankind was unaware of what was happening around the world. As soon as a science originated, the people could update themselves by communicating with the outer world.

Later on, the news media was introduced to the community.

The news industry comes from mass media that focus on delivering news to the general or a particular field. The media includes

  • Print media (in the form of magazines and newspapers).
  • Broadcasting (television, radio, etc.).
  • Recently via the internet (e-newspaper, news blog, live news streaming).

Today’s modern community gets stuck in a busy schedule. News media is the kind of a source to get people updated to the outside.

Thanks to the media that we are getting current status even within a while. Nowadays a smartphone with an internet connection can bring the whole world in the palm.

The news over the internet is spread in the blink of an eye without checking the authenticity. And the media is taking advantage of these facts. Although the news media developed a lot in the digital era, doubts remain over how accurate the media is.


TRP (Target Rating Point) is a metric system that is used in digital marketing and advertisement to determine the “percentage of target audience reach at a time by the advertisement through the medium”.

If a channel aim at the high TRP then the channel needs to provide eye-catching stuff no matter it is relevant or not.

On the other side, the real, verified news may not incorporate gossip or rumor all the time to catch the public’s attention.

A major portion of resources comes from the advertisement and the TRP ratings. That is why to run the channel well, the media is becoming TRP dependent day by day.

What is Yellow Journalism?

Yellow journalism is not the pure form of journalism, rather a form of business. The main motto of this kind of journalism is only profit.

Nowadays, in India, most of the political news is spiced up and exaggerated by the media.

This is one of the common examples of yellow journalism.

Some common examples of yellow journalism in India:

  • Astounding headlines for increasing selling instead of validated news.
  • Spreading rumors and scandal selling.
  • Use religious strife as a tool of reaching the maximum audience e.g. Love jihad.
  • Sensationalism over the facts.
  • Try to focus on a particular side and being biased.

The media plays a crucial role in the development of society.

Influential or only TRP based news has a great impact on the youth as well.

In this time, media only aiming at the financial resource and that is required, undoubtedly but at the same time, the news media should also think about the nation and the country’s well-being.

Advertisement is also needed to get updated but a limitation should be required in case of news channels.

Social media is also a great medium for spreading news.

However, the form of media is, the accurate and legitimate news should be delivered to the nation.

-By Saswati Chattopadhyay.

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