A Battleground that raised the Battle!

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a multiplayer battle royale game developed and published by PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of South Korean video game company Bluehole. China’s Tencent Holdings Ltd. introduced the mobile version of this game for players which became more popular than the PC version and the most played smartphone game in the world.
But on a fine evening of September 2, Government of India banned 118 Chinese apps along with PUBG which created chaos among the gaming community. First, let us look at fact that why PUBG is worldwide famous:
➢ It got a unique concept of landing, fighting and surviving till the last.
➢ Available for free – this is a pro which every gamer wants.
➢ You can play this game with your friends, also you can make new friends.
➢ PUBG graphics are beyond just impressive.
➢ Source of earning for many gamers who stream their gameplay through YouTube or any other streaming app.
➢ This app keeps on getting updates to keep the audience interested in the game.

There are around 50 million active PUBG players in India which means 25% of the PUBG players in the world belong to India. The popularity of PUBG in India have also flagged a way for several professional gaming industry. The main game for these streamers is PUBG. Now a ban on this game led to the tension in gaming community of what to play next. This also affects the mental health of habitual gamers.

According to many people PUBG was worked as their stress buster when the whole world was under lockdown. It gave them the semblance of real – world social interaction. PUBG’s interactive feature allow gamers to communicate with one another using text and voice. It is a unique game for because not every gamer can afford expensive gaming consoles and broadband connections.
India is PUBG’s biggest market by users, and accounts for 29% of the app’s total downloads. In a data shared by Sensor Tower, the mobile version of PUBG saw about 18.5 crore downloads in India.
PUBG gamers were left crushed when Government of India banned PUBG. PUBG Corporation has been looking several ways to reverse the ban in India. Tencent Holdings, a Chinese company is the distributor of the game’s mobile version. So, if reports are to be believed PUBG Corp is now looking for an Indian distributor to run this famous battle royale in India.

While whole gaming community was disappointed and PUBG Corp pulled down all the responsibilities and association with the Chinese firm Tencent for operating in India.
Therefore, there are chances that PUBG will be coming back in India any time.
The gaming company said “PUBG Corporation fully understands and respects the measures taken by the government as the privacy and security of player data is a top priority for the company. It hopes to work hand in hand with the Indian government to find a solution that will allow gamers to once again drop into the battlegrounds while being fully compliant with Indian laws and regulations”.

By Shivangi Singh

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