In standing in the 21st century, where women are working in the same manner as men do in every field, the incident which was held in Bengaluru was utterly shocking.

On 4th September, an Indian actress, Samyukhta Hedge and two of her friends were exercising in one of the parks of Bengaluru. That time she was assaulted publicly by Karnataka spokesperson Kavita Reddy just because Samyukhta was wearing a sports bra.

Initially, it was started with an argument after that it took an ugly turn when Kavita Reddy physically attacked the actress’ friend.

Although the Kannada actress blamed Kavita Reddy for the entire mishap, she denied and said the argument started when they were playing loud music in the park and abusing the guard.

Video footage on that incident spread over the social media within a minute. Ms. Hedge went live on Instagram and shared the video where the Congress’ leader was seen thrusting at the women.

The actress also stated that Ms. Reddy shouted at them publicly for what they wore.

If you wear such clothes, we will have to hit you.” Kavita Reddy can be heard saying this comment in the footage.

Following the incident, the actress and her friends launched the FIR at the HSR Layout Police Station on Saturday morning, as per Muni Reddy, the Inspector of HSR Layout Police Station.

The congress’ leader later apologized by posting a video on Twitter.

“I have always opposed moral policing, but I realized my actions were construed as such. As a responsible citizen and progressive woman, I sincerely apologize to Samyukhta Hedge and her friends,” Kavita Reddy tweeted.

Ms. Hedge was found to remain silent even after receiving the apology in public.

We have spent more than seven decades in independent India. Article 15 of the Indian Constitution prohibits gender discrimination. But in reality, we still can see the different pictures.

Are people giving the same look if a boy is found in his undershirt?

The answer is no!

Then why is it different in the case of women?

The rules of a particular country should be equal for everyone irrespective of race, caste, and sex. Otherwise, this type of incident will be going on.

However, in a country where women work with men in equal measure, such incidents are truly tragic for the citizens also.

-By Saswati Chattopadhyay.

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