Due to coronavirus pandemic, the images of economical deterioration have been coming up in front for so long.

But now it has also affected the education system. Schools, colleges, and universities remained close since March. Several exams have been canceled due to students’ concerns.

In standing such a vulnerable situation, National Test Agency (NTA) already informed the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE Mains) between 1 to 9 September and National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET) has rescheduled for 13th of September.

According to the data, more than 660 exam centres are occupied for 9.53 lakh JEE Mains aspirants. This would be approximately 1443 students in each centre.

On the other hand, 15.97 lakh students are applied for the NEET examination in 3843 centers across the country.

Though the sudden decision of taking examination by NTA was criticized by some states, students and parents, but precaution will be taken in the center as per the source. 12 students in one classroom instead of 40, fresh masks from center, and thermal screening facilities will be on the entry in the center.

Hand sanitizers will also be provided to the students in the examination hall. 6,600 litres hand sanitizer and disinfectant along with 10 lakh mask have arranged by NTA for JEE Mains.

Students across India have been up in demanding that the examination be postponed. Students all over the country are protesting by using social media as a tool.

There are several states with poor internet connection like Jammu and Kashmir will be difficult for the students to continue the preparation for the examination.

Six opposition ruling states filed a review of the plea in the Supreme Court which was rejected by the court on 17th August.

The review plea has been filed by Malay Ghatak from West Bengal, Rameshwar Oraon from Jharkhand, Raghu Sharma from Rajasthan, B.S. Sidhu from Punjab, Amarjeet Bhagat from Chattisgarh and Uday Ravindra Sawant from Maharashtra.

From environment activists to politicians have raised their voice against examining a pandemic. Mamata Banerjee,Chief Minister of West Bengal directly opposed the idea of taking the examination.

Many guardians showed intense objection regarding examining as the Corona virus positive graph goes up abruptly. According to some parents, the government should be more concerned about the health and safety of students. The examination cannot be more prior than one’s life.

However, NTA assured that sufficient arrangement has been taken for examining each center. NTA also said almost 99% of applicants have been assigned their “first preferred” of center cities.

But it cannot be said with certainty that they would not be COVID-19 affected in the traveling time from their home to the examination centre.

More than 36 lakh people are affected all across India. 80,092 fresh COVID19 cases are added, as per the 30th August’s report.

64,617 have died in India.

Although the recovery rate is increasing, taking competitive examinations like NEET and JEE Mains in such difficult conditions has become a matter of concern.

Supreme Court has already rejected the request to postpone the examination. If all goes well without further interruption, then JEE Mains will be started on 1st September, as per NTA.

NTA has released 4 pages admit card along with declaration form.

Candidates have also requested to fill-up the form carefully. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the list of allowed items in the examination centre has been revised. Students are instructed to report at the time allotted to them to avoid social gatherings.

It is needless to say that taking the competitive test in the epidemic has brought the students in front of a new challenge. Perhaps this experience would make them adaptable in any situation.

By- Saswati Chattopadhyay.

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