Kim Jong-un is the present dictator of North Korea and under his rule, people should follow and obey all the rules and regulations. We all know North Korea is under a dictatorship but do we know when and how it was started and who was the first dictator?

Well, Kim’s family is controlling North Korea since 1948 and the first dictator of North Korea was Kim IL sung.

Kim IL Sung

He was born on 15th April 1912 and to ignore the rule of Japanese he with his family lived in Manchuria, from there he completed his studies.

While being a student he joined the communist youth organization and due to his activities and behaviour, he got arrested for 2 years in 1929-30.

When freed from the prison he joined the Korean guerrilla against Japanese occupation. Not only this but also he himself adopted name “earlier legendary Korean guerrilla fighter against Japanese.”

He was also sent to the military by he joined the communist party the Soviet Union and there.

In 1942 post Japanese surrender Korea was divided into 2 part, Soviet-occupied northern half and the southern half was conquered by the US. Kim IL Sung was part of northern Korea.

With the help of Soviet Union, they got the training of how to establish the communist provisional government and under Soviet Union Kim IL Sung became the first primer of Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in 1948 to until his death in 1994.

In 1949 he also became the chairman of Korean’s Workers (communist) party. Under the communist rule, the country was not allowed to be the part of foreign companies and their belief was to make their country strong in the terms of economy for which they decided to take less or zero help from foreign countries and people were forced to work in North Korea and develop its economy.

Kim IL Sung also performed several activities for gaining support from the public. He gave millions of acres to the poor farmers of North Korea.

His work on the JUCHE IDEOLOGY according to which the men are the only one who develops the nation; he is master of everything and decides everything. The fundamentals of Juche Ideology are:

  1. Self-reliance
  2. Political independence
  3. Economic self-sustenance

On these 3 fundamentals, North Korea works to this day.

At the age of 82, Kim IL Sung died on 17th July 1994 due to heart attack. After his death his son       Kim Jong IL became the leader of North Korea

Kim Jong Il

After the death of Kim IL Sung his son, Kim Jong IL (also pronounced as Kim Chong IL) became the leader, in October 1997.

He was named in the chairman of KWP and in September 1997 he formally occupied the highest position of the country while following the same Ideology.

During his leadership, he was already in the controversy due to his father. Most of the information spread about his personal life are unrealistic and some a mystery.

It was also said he took an interest in art and literature and encouraged film. Before becoming leader he headed a film studio.

He came to power when his country was facing an economic problem and famine. He changed North Korea’s long-standing policy of isolation and in the 90s to early 21st century, he made a good connection with many foreign countries.

In addition, he made an agreement in 1994 with United States (agreement of framework) according to which North Korea dismantled their own nuclear power plant and in return outside the country would construct two nuclear reactors which were capable of producing electric power and this project was handle by South Korea.

The one weakness of his leadership was the military. Although North Korea was more focused towards the military during his leadership, this was less as he had no experience of military services.

On 19th December 2011, he died due to heart attack when he was travelling on the train but according to sources he died on 17th December 2011.

After his death, his son and the recent leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un took control over North Korea.

Kim Jong-Un

He became the leader in 2011 after his father’s death and we all know about Kim Jong-Un. He has strict rules regarding the public of North Korea.

They are not allowed to work outside the country and if someone breaks the rules, they have to face strict punishment. Some of the following rules are:-

  • Listening to or watching foreign movies and song is a crime.
  • People are not allowed to make international calls
  • Only male officials have rights to drive. No females are allowed to drive.
  • People are not allowed to travel abroad without permission
  • Job choice is not there as people are forced to work according to the need of the country.

And there are many other rules which are against the individual’s freedom. Most of the time he remains in controversy due to his rules and cruelty against the people of North Korea.

During the pandemic, in North Korea, if anybody seems to have COVID19 he/she will be shot by the military.

According to the sources Kim Jong UN’s younger sister will handle the relationship with the US and South Korea. 

He is still the present leader of North Korea and handling the country with his strict rules and regulations.

He is still the present leader of North Korea and handling the country with his strict rules and regulations.

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