RESUMPTION OF SPORTS: – Rising above Pandemic

Sports is something everyone looks up to, for some sports is a profession, for some it is passion and for rest, it is a source of entertainment. Due to COVID-19, everything came to a complete halt, sports being no exception. Regularity is something every Sportsperson always desires but during lockdown no means of training and practice were allowed hence dark clouds moved over Sporting Fraternity.

  •  Impact on Players and Coaches

Players and Coaches were worst hit in these grim circumstances “No sports, No training, No practice”. Rising talents and Veterans who were looking for an opportunity to prove their potential were denied chances and sports is one such profession where time is of utmost worth. Every other field may get over this pandemic and restore to normal but Sports will never be able to. Maybe Virat Kohli could have scored 1000 more runs in this lockdown tenure or M.S.Dhoni could have won another IPL and regained his spot in National Team or Christiano Ronaldo could have scored 5 more Hat tricks which would have enabled them to cross various milestones. 

A lot of Prospects were honing their Skills and were working for the Olympics, which was scheduled to take place from 24 July to 9 August eyeing it as a path towards glory. Survival in sports need proper management of finances as Sportsman always need balanced nourishment and diet and in lockdown, no source of income was in fluids making this unasked, unpaid off days even more difficult.

But the clouds have now started to disperse and the ray of light is now visible, though distant.

  • Impact on Spectators 

Impact of Social Media and Binge watching of web series and movies is the new source of killing time for today’s youth and the reason for it is the diversion of sports spectators. Football and Cricket are a craze for this world. Broadcasting Sponsors have lost big chunks of their fortune and created more turmoil in the field of Field.

  • Resumption:- Revival or Blank

Resumption of Sports was marked by the resumption of Bundesliga (Football league of Germany) later it was followed by LaLiga, BPL, and other major leagues. Similarly, cricket resumed international operation by the Bilateral test series of England v/s West Indies. Indian Cricket team will play its first series in Australia in a bio-secure environment in December.

All sporting Authorities have issued specific guidelines; majorly most of the sporting events are played without live spectators in bio-secure environments.

  • Venue shift of Indian Premier League 

Indian Premier League has witnessed a venue shift from India to the United Arab Emirates, this move is likely to cause repercussions but this is BCCIs best bet in holding this season. Huge Revenue losses will have to be settled as cities, stadiums, and franchisees have already put up their chips in advertisements and promotions. One positive that rises from this situation is holding IPL will save a lot of talent and potential from getting to waste.  

  • Author’s Take

Sport is important but life is most significant, conducting Events in the safest way possible is the best way forward. Acts such as “Liverpool fans breaking lockdown rules” should be controlled and condemned. The world will have to rise above this pandemic and this Resumption of Sports will surely be a cause.   

~ Shubham Yadav

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