The United Kingdom has banned Huawei from its 5G network after December and the already installed gear would expect to be removed from the networks by 2027. United State government welcomes the UK’s ban from future 5G networks and also praises Jio for prohibiting Chinese companies’ types of equipment. It could mean the tower of 5G is delayed for two to three years and may cost up to 2 billion pounds.

 “We welcome news that the UK plans to ban Huawei from future 5G networks and end untrusted Huawei pieces of kit from existing networks. With this decision, the united kingdom joins a growing list of nations from round the world that are standing up for his or her national security by prohibiting the utilization of untrusted, high-risk vendors,” Pompeo said in a statement.

 Huawei is considered to be a pivotal issue in the geopolitical war between China and the US which claims the firm poses a significant cybersecurity threat and data can be stolen. It is a major U-turn after the Prime Minister said in January that the Chinese firm could be allowed a limited role in the future of faster technology but the American President, Trump pressured the UK to ban Huawei.

“The government agrees with the national cybersecurity sensor advice the simplest way secure our networks is for operators to prevent using new affected Huawei equipment to create the UK’s future 5G networks so from the end of this year telecoms operators must not buy any 5G types of equipment from Huawei.”- UK’s digital secretary, Oliver Dowden said.

The decision is an addition to a new feather in a cap of American government, which has been pushing allies to washout Huawei from their 5G networks, claiming that the Chinese firm is untrusted to national security. Chinese administration may lead to counter-attacks against Nokia and Ericsson if European countries move to ban Huawei.

 “Listening to all or any the rhetoric it had been clear the United Kingdom had succumbed to pressure from China hawks bashers,” said Liu Xiaoming, the Chinese ambassador to the United Kingdom.

 He also hoped that Chinese students would still be welcomed in the UK and also added that China was not seeking an Economic decoupling.

On the other side, Secretary of state, Mike Pompeo praised clean carriers like Jio in India.

 “We will still work with our British friends on fostering a secure and vibrant 5G ecosystem, which is critical to transatlantic security and prosperity.”- Pompeo added.

Donald Trump has also appealed to the Indian Prime Minister and other world leaders to ban the company. Reliance Chairman Mukesh Ambani had told Trump about Jio is the only network in the world to not have a single Chinese component. He also announced that it has developed 5G telecom solutions and it will be ready for trials as soon as the 5G spectrum is available.

 “India’s clean app approach will boost its sovereignty, national security.”- stated Mike Pompeo on India’s decision to ban 59 Chinese applications.

                                                                          -Saswati Chattopadhyay

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