Reasons to watch the popular show Schitt’s Creek

At the 2020 Emmy Awards, this Canadian programme made history by becoming the first TV programme to ever win each of the seven comedy categories. And with their win for the “Best Television Series” at the Golden Globes, it’s clear this show is beloved by many. If the accolades aren’t enough to persuade you, there are a tonne of other reasons to stream this sitcom on Netflix.

The average length of an episode is 22 minutes. Despite having six seasons, watching this show isn’t time-consuming or difficult. And because each episode is so hilarious and occasionally even heartwarming, you’ll finish it quickly. This programme is both hilarious and endearing. You’ll burst out laughing in one episode and get teary-eyed in another. It’s relatable, eccentric, morally upright, and upbeat.

The programme centres on a wealthy family who lost everything and had to relocate to “Schitt’s Creek,” a small village. Due to the sarcastic moniker, their father had purchased the town in jest. The Roses meet a variety of peculiar people who become their new neighbours while living in the run-down motel. The actors, who all received Emmy Awards for their performances, are Catharine O’Hara, Eugene Levy, Dan Levy (who plays Eugene’s son both on-screen and in real life! ), and Annie Murphy.

The interactions between the characters are really incredible. There isn’t a character you’ll grow bored of, whether you’re watching brothers David and Alexis quarrel or the renowned Moira Rose engage with her husband John. Although everyone has such varied personalities, they all get along so well. You’ll come to love and laugh with Moira and everyone else in the strange town, despite the fact that she changes her hairstyle and accent every episode.

Each character is so distinct and well-rounded. Watching these characters navigate their new, humble lifestyles in contrast to their affluent pasts is fascinating and hilarious. Don’t be surprised by how soon you will begin to care about these characters because of how hard they strive to adapt to a new lifestyle and make new acquaintances. In the first episode, these characters may come off as snooty and a little unlikeable.

In this show, the clothing almost has a personality of its own. Actually, no. One of the show’s producers, Dan Levy, remarked that, aside from the narrative, the costumes are among the most crucial elements. Some of the most recognisable clothes in the programme belong to O’Hara’s persona. She frequently switches up her hairstyle, which is one of the most distinctive elements of her personality.

There are so many memorable “one-liners” in this episode, and they appear repeatedly. You’ll start using these characters’ words and body language in your own conversations since they’ll become so natural to you.

The programme features a number of relationships between David (played by Dan Levy), and his sexuality is never questioned or made to seem like a huge problem. His pansexuality isn’t seen as a problem or even as unusual; rather, it’s accepted as the norm. His family and the people in his life not only encourage but also celebrate his connections.

It is heartwarming to see the connections these folks have with one another as a family and with the new people they encounter. They undergo enormous change while maintaining the characteristics you adore the most. Take a vacation from reality and “take a journey” to “Schitt’s Creek” if you’re in the mood for a reassuring, feel-good show you can watch whenever you want. You’ll discover that you’re staying in town longer than you anticipated, much like the Rose family.

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  1. This show was awesome! I wish it ran for a few more seasons. The cast is awesome.
    I’m friends with somebody who worked on the show and he said it was one of his favorite projects that he had ever worked on.
    Maybe after all the wins and media exposure, they’ll renew it. *crossing fingers*

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