Do India and the Philippines have commonalities?

The two nations, the Philippines and India, have many commonalities in various areas. Both countries hold the beauty of their unique culture and the grand of its natural wonders. Historically, the two nations convey the legacy of captivating episodes of colonial history. The Indian pioneer rule was set apart by times of heavy exploitation, while the Philippines emerged from an impactful Spanish, Japanese and American frontier rule.

Colonialism left a strong mark on both the countries, especially in their culture. Indians are still adapting to changes. Similarly, the Philippines, whose culture has also been broken apart and reformed by three major foreign influences so many times that it made the Filipinos adaptable to changes. The beauty of the two countries’ experience is that instead of opposing change straightforwardly, individuals attempt to work around it, trust that the instrument of progress will ebb, and try to bring the sort of progress they might want to see. Likewise, we can’t deny how pilgrim rule permitted us to learn unknown dialects, appreciate the craftsmanship, and guzzle new information measures on exchange.

Friendship from nation to nation is crucial. For that reason, a diplomatic relationship between India and the Philippines was established in 1949. Soon after, this friendship became more diversified with trade and industry, political security, etc. India gets various imports from the Philippines, including apparatus and mechanical machines, electrical gear, visual and audio equipment, refined pearls and valuable stones, metals, and synthetic substances. India’s primary export items to the Philippines are vehicles, auto extras, drugs, farming items, atomic reactors, mineral oils, and energizers. Moreover, there are open doors for Indian organizations to put resources into areas like IT, programming, designing, foundation, development, power, transportation, agribusiness, clinical, the travel industry, monetary and lawful administrations. Additionally, the Philippines has the most significant market for having experts that communicate in the essential dialects that have provoked the Indian business houses to exploit the BPO market in the Philippines.

With the countries import-export system that contributes to their economy, the Indian government drives like “Make in India” that works with investment, recognizes innovation, intensifies abilities improvement, tunes well with the Philippine government drives like Build, Build, Build that facilitates modern development, make greater employability and in particular, to improve Filipinos’ lives further. By having such everyday roots, philosophies and having a comparable jump of vision, India and the Philippines with their colossal development hunger, can take away more significant business and close-cultural opportunities together.

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Written By – Lalaguna, Aloha Mae

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