Short Story by Sangeetacharan (Entry No. 8)

Covid-19 is such a small virus but it has affected our lives on a great scale. The world is cursing this virus
But it can’t be denied that it has taught us a lot and changed us in a better person.

This lockdown, i tried to become a better version of myself. I enhanced my writing skills, paintings, reading, cooking, calligraphy and learned a lot about healthy life. Through meditation and yoga to keep healthy from mind, body and soul.

Apart from these, i started enjoying the littlest of things like smiling in the rain, watching sunsets, staring at the moon, counting the infinite number of stars and doing with great enthusiastic and pleasure.

Allow your originality and uniqueness to shine in the world. Let the world known how fascinating and proficient your soul is. The 6 to 7
months that i had spent with me, it rewrote me into a new edition of myself. It changed the anecdote of my life’s story. Now, i am a brand new version of “ME”.

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