The Paso to Remember

Short Story by Akanksha Rao (Entry No. 5)

Present time….

It was the dancer awards going on and the best Latin dance Paso Doble award was to be announced, everyone held their breath and the winners were Lorenzo Alvares and Alexia Treu. They both beamed with confidence and received the award. Later on, in the Spanish Art and Culture talk show, they were asked how did they come up with their award-winning choreography? Alexia said that it was after a tiff. The anchor got intrigued and asked more, that Enzo smilingly first looking at Alexia and then the anchor said “First she said an Ole! Then I made her say a Muerte! And it happened.”

The day of that Paso…

It was a bright day and in the afternoon 1 pm in Valencia Spain, “Tougher! Pull yourself up!” said the dance instructor Marcus in the La Danza school of dance to the young couple on the floor performing a strong Paso Doble or the Spanish Gypsy Dance which depicts a bull-fight. As the fierce guitar music was playing in the background both tapped their feet so much with strength that it felt like a stab. While the two dancers Lorenzo and Alexia performed the whole crowd was watching them with awe and the jaws of several dropped to see the lady Alexia’s grace. The music and their moves caused everyone to get transported to a bull-fighting arena where Lorenzo stood like a brave matador and Alexia his cape. As their performance ended they went to Marcus and he just said that there was a lack of intensity in their moves and he felt it was very mechanical. They both were so good that normal people couldn’t find their flaws, it was only that the expert Latin dancers like Marcus could figure their flaws out. Lorenzo narrowed his eyes and looked at Alexia from the corner of his eye but kept listening in silence. Alexia, on the other hand, seemed to listen to Marcus rather halfheartedly, as Marcus finished they both left but this time Lorenzo wasn’t in a good mood because he hadn’t heard anything like that before and dancing was his passion besides Alexia was silent. Lorenzo looked at her and asked that why was she silent like that, she just looked at Enzo in his eyes and looked with a look that combined angst, disgust, confusion all emotions at once and uttered just one thing before she left “have you ever seen me as Alexia? Because it always feels like you are treating me like your former partner Liz, I am not Liz.” She left and that left Enzo pondering that, “was Alexia right?”. Enzo was in the thought that why did she mention Liz? Liz was his former dance partner and he was paired up with her and Enzo as being more creative and a perfectionist by nature he took the lead and Liz just followed him without question besides Enzo was the one to improvise a lot and she kept up with him but one day she said Enzo that she was dating Trent and wanted to be partnered with him and since then Trent’s partner Alexia was paired up with Enzo. Since then Alexia and Enzo were one of the best pairs but Enzo got more recognition as in ballroom dancing the man is the lead and the pair is recognized by a leader’s ability.

Alexia was glum and disgruntled at Marcus’s words as she was one of the best dancers and a weird kind of angst-filled her when Enzo treated her the same way as Liz. Enzo gave the choreographies his own spin which she liked but he didn’t like it when she suggested something as for him, his routines were the best suited to the rhythm and Alexia felt disvalued. There was one thing Alexia wanted to always express but she couldn’t and that frustrated her, will be common if directly told love, yes it was but it will be accurate to say that it was attraction, awe, fascination, infatuation and a desire for him ever since she laid eyes on him but as free-spirited and independent as she was, she didn’t accept to be commanded or subdued and wanted everything equal and fair and the fact the Enzo her fascination or her love interest treated her this way caused her to grimace. She came back and was resting with some Lo-fi music plugged in her ears that she heard the doorbell of her apartment rang. She paced towards it and much to her surprise she saw it was Enzo. Enzo stepped in and looked at her and said “I never treated you like Liz, I just counted on you to catch up with me as you were better and besides I wanted you to admire me, my routines as I feel you are unparalleled”. Alexia froze as Enzo never spoke such words to her and in fact except dancing he never looked into her eyes and spoke. “Alexia, today as Marcus said that I felt bad and I felt that my routine didn’t hit right enough and you too didn’t say anything that caused more disgust to me,” he said looking into her eyes intently. Alexia just felt good for a moment that Lorenzo admires her this much but she asked if he admired her so much then why didn’t he let her do some changes in the routine rather roughly.

He looked away for a bit and said in a low breath “Envy… I was envious of your ability and if you would choreograph I am sure I wouldn’t be able to match it and wouldn’t have admired me.” He was telling the truth, it reflected in his eyes. Lexi asked him with curiosity and at the same time confusion “why do you want me to admire you so much?” Enzo didn’t speak a word, he just stepped closer to her by one step at a time and held her hand and her by her waist with just inches away from her face “Because won over my heart by being an amazing person, I am sorry I made you feel low and subdued but I didn’t know how to tell you this and was always doubting myself that do you find me worthy enough or not, not being able to say I channelled my passion in our dance. Alexia, I really love you” Lexi was wonderstruck to know that he too felt the same for her. She spoke that she doesn’t have words to say, she waited for some brief moments and all of a sudden she plunged into a kiss with him. He didn’t have time to process and be happy that Alexia loved him too but was feeling the kiss at that time. A few moments later as they broke the kiss off Enzo asked “Alexia? Really?” With a bright smile.

She nodded and said it was since the beginning of the time. Enzo came closer for another kiss that Alexia said “I can’t take that behaviour of you if you love me, I want to be treated equally and in no condition, I want to feel lowly” Enzo agreed and hugged her. Minutes passed as they held each other. Alexia asked “is this what you came for here?” With a slight smile. He said not just this but also to practice the routine so that Marcus won’t say like that to them again. “Alexia, herein I have something new to spice up the intensity, take your position as the cape” Alexia took his hand and smirkingly glared at him saying “I don’t want to be a cape, I want to be fierce bull which challenges you if you know what intensity is then unleash it Enzo” Being sly and playful she came very close to him and ran a finger over his heart kissing his neck and whispering in Spanish “Ole Torero” which is an encouragement to the matador but here she wanted her matador not only make her dance but also ravish her. Enzo breathed deep and said “won’t it be too early Lexi?” She just said “Afraid of the bull, Mr Matador?” and took her position as a bull. Enzo put the music on his phone and stood like a matador and at once stood very near her face grabbing her by her waist and she held him tough.

He then whispered “if the intensity is what you want, let me show you”, placing a hand on her nape he brought her face near his while being in appel pose of the dance and bent over her to kiss her that she went back and put both her hands on his chest and pushed him a little away. She cried out an “ole” and there Enzo smoothly moving with grace caught hold of her from behind buried his lips in her shoulder and kissed her neck and ears while his hands which were on her belly were sensually ascending towards her chest that she escaped his grip swiftly and stood in front of him smirking. While the music in the background continued their Paso Doble went on but it wasn’t just a dance, it was blazing seduction. That Enzo didn’t hold back and got her at once pushing her against the wall with her hands pinned above her head and pushed her top over her head and cupped her breasts causing her to whimper. He undid her clothing on the top according to the rhythm of the song, there she stood bare naked on the top, her full breasts spilt out and her feminine beauty was visible to his eyes.

She took no time to expose him and the next thing that happened was that Enzo’s lips landed on her bosom and his hands played softly with her breasts kneading them, causing her to moan and her hands wandered his back like a lost traveller in some foreign land. Her skin was warm and flushed and as his hands sinfully unveiled her bottom only to find out that she was soaked downstairs. She boldly got her hands inside his pants and saw that he was already too much into the mood. Her caresses just made his manhood come alive to its full length that he stripped out of his bottoms. She saw that he didn’t just have a handsome face with defined features and brown eyes, he was magnificent and beautiful downstairs either. Already he was very much aroused and she was driving him wild. The music ended and Alexia asked “what about your routine Enzo?” with a wink. Enzo said he will take care of it and said that only one thing is left to do. Alexia slyly asked playing with his erection, pushing him to the edge and he at once put her on her back from being above him to now being beneath him. He says “To ravish my bull” and went down on her till she spasmed in ecstasy while an orgasm hit her.

He roamed his hands over her bosom, her toned butt and her supple skin and teased her mercilessly to the point she said that she couldn’t take anymore and blurted “within me now! Matador” grabbing him by his shoulders tight she moaned as his large manhood invaded her and she was losing herself as the feeling of being united engulfed her, wrapping herself more and more around his girthy length as he rhythmically thrust in and out of her. His groans intensified and he kissed her passionately holding her captive. Moments later they experienced euphoria as they climaxed together and Lexi said out “Muerte” which is Spanish for dead but here she meant ravished. Enzo smiled like a matador after winning a bullfight. They cuddled a little and Enzo asked “wasn’t this too fast? I mean today itself we told each other we love each other and this?”

Alexia just laughed and said that it didn’t matter to her as she wanted to do this for a very long time with him. All her pent up frustration was out and she told him that she wants to improvise either and Enzo smilingly complied with her but he asked her “why didn’t you ever tell me that before?” She said she wanted to but his behaviour kinda irritated her a little so she didn’t tell him then. He then asked her “you now know right why I did what I did? Can you please forgive me and give me a chance and us a chance?” Alexia nodded and said a yes. Days followed and their dance metamorphosed into a masterpiece combining improvisation, intensity, strength and passion all at once and Lexi was as fierce as Enzo and he caught up with her at perfect times and lead her amazingly so much that even Marcus couldn’t believe his eyes. ….

To present time…
Mr Lorenzo that was quite a story quite a different one! The anchor said and they both smiled at each other looking happy.

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