What is it that Angers you? or Inspires, Irritates, Pleases you?

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Not many people in this world neither are the ones they claim to be nor do they follow something that they might tell others to do. To think of one thing that angers me the most, I could go on writing for a couple of things, but well, for starters, hypocrisy or ‘pretense’, as we commonly use, comes for me at first in the top tier system.

Many languages are existing. People speak in English, but People talk in French. People speak in Spanish, and then some people talk in hypocrisy, by which I mean people talk to show off their fake high standards. Witnessing people being pretentious infuriates me. The real question is, why do people pretend and not do. Maybe the answer to this lies in that they try to be others, want social acceptance, or show off their high moral standards. Of course, the society we live in is the one wherein we can find a pretty good number of hypocrites because everyone aims to deserve appreciation for high standards and end up doing so. This thing is just the opposite of living a simple natural life in the same way as what the actors do with their films’ characters. Maybe understanding or resonating hypocrisy with the different characters or the roles played by an actor helps. Also, people who struggle to show these high standards end up establishing double standards, which is again the opposite of what it means to have a unique standard for each one of us. The essence of having one proper exceptional standard for yourself, which you abide by, is lost.
Now coming over to what irritates me is the marital quarreling in front of the children. Isn’t it ironic that some parents who refrain from making love in front of their children because of the sole reason that their kids might not flourish well end up fighting in front of them?

Just give it a thought. I have been thinking about it for a long time. For those who have already thought something like this earlier, it might not be astonishing or resenting. For those who are just realizing it now, on a scale of 10, how much does this thought irritates you?

Cummings and his colleagues, in their book, have revealed that such children who witness these fights develop behavioral problems at home and school. Some children can also become troubled, anxious, or hopeless. They also recorded the statement of a child who witnessed such a marital fight- “I could give up anything to un-see my parents’ fight.”

However, my past performance is good or bad, best or worst, okay or not okay, has always inspired me. A bad performance in the past has inspired me to perform something unique, and a fantastic account in the past has inspired me to achieve something more memorable. What happens is that when I perform well or poorly, there is an instant tendency to do a bit better than before. There is a tendency to take the line in the graph high, no matter by what length. For me, honestly, a half-inch also works every time. Many other things around inspire me, but what could be more than your efforts to become the best version of yourself?
There are some things in life which you wish to have. A wish is so powerful that you want it to get fulfilled or sometimes experience it or still alternatively. You love to have that pleasing effect of your desire getting fulfilled, but sometimes, it’s not possible or even necessary that all of these get fulfilled. You manage to get only a few things done. So, for items that are not possible, simply imagining them pleases me. Just imagining things- what I wish for or what I long for as if they are happening or existing makes me happy. In my opinion, imagining things is very forceful and effective, and it pleases me so that even sometimes, witnessing things occurring in real life cannot. In a few instances, I cannot equate the joy of imagination with something else’s fun. To me, feeling pleased is being happy, both physically and mentally. And on this same note, the creativity of things fits right for me. It is spiritual. It is intoxicating. Most importantly, it boosts the feel-good hormones inside my body.

I hope that I can control my anger whenever I meet a hypocritical person. I hope that parents, especially in our culture, show maturity when fighting in front of their children. I also always expect that I can do better in everything I do because this is my main inspiration. Last but not least, I hope that imagination of things continues to please me because it is the easiest and the most feasible way to make you happy in seconds! Well, at least for me, it works in copious amounts.

Written By – Yashaswi More

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