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We all have got a lot more engaged on social media than in real society. Internet is undoubtedly a benefit for many things like communicating with anyone across the globe, reaching out to new people & talent, developing & presenting your skills, growing your market, online payments, selling & purchasing, surfing, and a lot than the mentioned things. We all have witnessed the importance of the internet in this lockdown period. Where everything was brought and began on social media platforms that use the internet as key access.

Many physical businesses and shops got shut due to the unexpected & uncommon covid-19 pandemic. And for fulfilling the quench of basic necessities, people with their amazing creativity & consistency made their way of earning through the internet. But along with all these advantages, there are many crucial drawbacks also. Online bullying, spreading negativity & hate comments, stealing someone’s data, misusing & misleading someone with their personal information, giving threats because of speaking or presenting something, playing with one’s emotions and the list goes on…!

This all can also lead to a loophole in one’s mental health. Effects of cyber-trafficking include Anger, Isolation, Humilation, Depression, and many severe mental problems also. We shall realize that the internet which has got invented as a boon for humankind shall not be drastically converted into a curse.
We all need to prevent poking in the privacy of others. Today, the second day of the second week of the second month is celebrated as World Safer internet day to promote the safe and positive use of digital technology for children and young people and inspire a national conversation., and we all hope to have a safe & Serene space for social media.

Here is a list of few solutions we all can look after,

  • To use our data over things which turns out helpful for us & others too.
  • Prioritize your interest and indulge in it.
  • No room for negativity.
  • Don’t plunge into someone’s private life much.
  • Avoid believing every single thing presented on the internet.
  • Read thoroughly any information before clicking on terms and conditions.
  • Check out the emails & messages well before forwarding them.
  • Do not click on spam click baits.
  • Do not fall into the trap of any fallacious email or forwarded message.
  • Do not unnecessarily forward everything.
  • Check whether the site is trustworthy before downloading anything directly into your device(because there have been cases where due to downloading a single picture the entire pc, laptop, the phone gets hacked)
  • Gain some knowledge about cyber trafficking.
  • Do not share your very personal & private with anyone on the internet.
  • Opt for safer banking & payment methods.
  • Keep a check on your device.
  • Do not click on any link from an unknown source.

Hoping & wishing for a little safer & smarter internet usage among the people of our generation Thank you.!

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    , TRUE TO THE DATE ⚡& COGNITIVE article on extremely serious topic..,Nice pick 👍🏻👍🏻✨💫

  2. Yes, cyber bullies and hate comments badly affects one’s psychology, we all need to be aware about that..and the solutions, mentioned in the article are really very helpful.. amazing article overall👏..keep it up 👍

  3. your word synchronisation for this article is tremendous🥳🤩. I found most of the solution in this article. How to use the internet, Do’s and don`ts etc…

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