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Social Media Influencer Program

It is an Internship for those who want to learn to grow their social media and learn how to create content.

During this Internship, you will have to create promotional posts related to YIR. You will be having four classes a month, where you will be learning how to use various tools to create content on social media.
After successfully creating 1st promotional content, you will receive a One-Month Canva Pro and Adobe Spark Premium Subscription worth 2000 for free.

You will be given rewards according to engagement on your content, plus YIR Products’ promotion, if anyone will buy YIR Products through your reference, which initially includes – YIR Creative Notebooks, YIR Paid Certificate Courses, and yoga Mat!. You will be getting a 30% Incentive on the courses, 15% on Notebooks, and yoga Mat!
We deliver products all over India.

WordPress Basics and Article Writing Course

In this course, you will be studying how to write articles on the internet, fix SEO, and have access to tools of business blogs, and you will get four live classes.

During this course, you have to write at least six articles published on the blog – related to social issues, movie reviews, book reviews, news, etc. You will be getting a score and assessment based on the articles written by you.

Those who will complete the target and learning will get a certificate.
The top three writers will get cash rewards based on writing skills, and writers who will perform well with tools will be provided paid Internship. For qualifying for cash reward selection, the number of articles needs to be at least 8.

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