Fruits Which Provide Energy in Winter

In the winter, we usually face many health issues. If I say we can get rid of all the health
issues with just adding a few energy boosters to your diet. Just
2.Custard apple
4.Sapota/a sapodilla

Oranges are rich in vitamin c and high fibre content. Oranges in winter prevent the common
cold. The most amazing fact is antioxidants in an orange fight with wrinkles and makes your
skin glow more. Even the peel of an orange can be dried under the sun, powdered. And then
used as a face pack with honey or curd to have an everlasting glow.
Orange peel can also be used as a bio enzyme. which is eco-friendly and can replace
phenols and room or floor cleaning liquids.

Custard apple is rich in vitamin b6, vitamin A which promotes good eyesight, skin and great
immunity booster. Eating a custard apple in winter will help us build a great immune system
against all viral infections which are likely to be caught in winter.
As this fruit is rich in vitamin A, this makes your hair grow healthier.
To enjoy this fruit, I suggest removing seeds and skin before consuming this reduces your
exposure to Annonacin.
However, I would not suggest the overconsumption of Annona fruits like a custard apple.

The fruit is rich with vitamin C. Which helps you fight with the common cold and boost your
immunity. So pineapple is a fruit that can be consumed in winter without any hesitation to
make your health an apple of your apple.

This fruit is rich with vitamin A. And trust me, it tastes so good that it becomes your favourite
snack. It boosts your immunity and makes you feel rejuvenated. Improves your digestive
system. And fights against the common cold. So this fruit is a perfect one to include in your
diet in winter.

Papaya is an ideal fruit for winter. Because this fruit naturally increases the body heat which
makes you feel comfortable in low temperatures.
This fruit is great to handle period crumps and make your skin glow with natural fairness.

Written by – Sahithya

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