Hydrating Fruits for Summer

Summer season is always meant for evaporating our bodies. Any fruit which makes us feel hydrated and
energetic throughout the day is the perfect one. Now, let’s discuss the magical seasonal and local fruits, which help us feel hydrated.

The name itself suggests that this fruit makes us feel hydrated. It contains 92% of water content, and
many consider the watermelon as the hero of summer because it keeps you hydrated and makes you
feel lighter because it contains low calories. So, it’s a perfect fruit if you’re aiming for weight loss this
summer. Also fights with cancer. So, why late? Just grab a slice of watermelon and make your day a
perfect one.

Mango is considered as “King of fruits”. It is full of vitamin A and vitamin C. Good to heart and helps to
improve your mood. However, it should not be over consumed, which may lead to diarrhoea, fatigue and
weight gain.

Grapes are a perfect fit for summer as it contains lots of water content and helps to maintain water
balance. It is rich in vitamin C, B1, B6. So you can include this fruit in your diet in summer.

All these superfoods are meant to maintain your water levels in your body. Nothing can make your
summer perfect if these fruits can’t!

Written by – Sahithya

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