Environment to be saved

Environment and development are two sides of the same coin. Surely taking care of millions of people who are starving is more important than saving natural resources. But the situation arises with a question, “How will you even take care if there aren’t any resources left?”

Still think no need to save the environment?

Humans have already wasted and destroyed vast amounts of natural resources. In so doing have put Earth at risk. We will have to preserve the Earth for future generations. Destroying rainforests would give native people nowhere to go except the urban slums. Ultimately leading to an increase in the poorly managed population.

Poverty and environmental damage are often linked. Polluted water leads to crop failure. Climate change turns fertile fields into desert and flood coastal areas where hundreds of millions live. Another problem is overpopulation. Unchecked population growth has negative impacts. Earth cannot support unrestricted growth.

The developed countries already have higher prices to maintain the safety of the environment. But it would be unfair if industries in developing countries see their prices undercut by goods produced cheaply at the cost of great pollution. Nations are losing more from pollution than gaining from the industrialization. Looking after our fragile world has to be a partnership. Climate change will affect the whole planet, not just one nation. It is more likely to have terrible effects on developing countries. As sea levels rise, deserts advance, natural disasters become more common.

Green Revolution-another problem. It is a threat to biodiversity as hybrid exchanged natural seeds. In short-run, the hybrid can cause environmental problems by crowding out native plants and wildlife relying on them. Farmers will have to buy hybrid seeds which are expensive, also they cannot be saved for next year. As a result, fertile lands lay idle, resulting in droughts and desertification.

And if still, development is so much important than saving the environment, ‘Sustainable Development’ is the most appropriate option. The present needs are fulfilled without compromising with the resources for future generations.

Deepali K.

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