Book reading habit

Reading books is one of the best and important habits one must follow. It improves our creative skills and is good for our well being. Reading a book for at least a few minutes a day helps us to relax and improves our skills. Books become your best friends once you start reading. They take you to explore a new world. It depends on the genre you choose.

Benefits of book reading:

Reading books improves our positive thinking. They also help in developing our vocabulary and communication skills.

Readers make writers. Reading helps writers to brainstorm ideas and improves creative thinking ability.

Books are a source of knowledge. Reading books helps in maintaining an active, strong mind.

For those who spend a lot of time alone, books will remain your better companion. It explores you to a whole new world. Fictional books are all about imagination and fantasy. Non fictional books explain how the world is functioning.

Set goals:

Set a time for yourself and make sure you stick to it. Have a goal to read during the particular time.

Have a list:

Jot down the list of books you wish to read. Track down your reading and cross the ones you finished reading. In this way, you will find the list of great books that are on your TBR.


Library is the best place where you can choose whatever book you wish to read. Even if you can’t afford a book, you can go straight to the library, choose the one and read.

Book reading partner:

Reading will be more fun if you have a reading partner. You can set goals with them and can indulge yourselves in challenges.

Have a book with you always:

You never know when you have the leisure time especially when you are at work. So, always carry a book with you and read whenever you get the chance.

Reading tracker:

Have a notebook and create a calendar. Every day, after you read for sometime, mark it with any bright colours. If you miss a day, mark it with a red cross. In this way, it will help you track your reading easily.

Book reading is fun and useful at the same time. Vocabulary skills develop to a greater extent. Books transform you into a new, better individual.

Written by R.Varsha

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