Hungry kids of a rich country

India is the 6th wealthiest country in the world with about 119  billionaires,20,730 multi-millionaires and 3.3 lakh HNWIs (high-net-worth individuals). Yet one of the major problems surviving till date in India is poverty, hunger and malnutrition. The country has faced many famines and lost many citizens. The country has faced many ups and downs since its freedom. Let it be the stock market crisis, scams, income tax frauds, pandemics, over-population, decreasing GDP and whatnot, the country has tried to cope up with every problem it faces. With all these millionaires and billionaires residing in our nation, there should have been no traces of poverty. But this is the ugly side of the nation we refuse to see.

Despite all the wealth and money this country owns, there are still children who are not even privileged to have two square meal. Some kids do not have a proper roof over their head. They are unaware of proper education. They do not have enough clothes to cover their bodies. They die every other day due to lack of proper medical aids.

We demolish the slums and construct sophisticated buildings by ruining the only place of shelter of those unprivileged people who barely manage their food. The development of sky skyscrapers and towers hide the life of the poverty struck people. They are not happy to sleep on the streets or keep their children deprived of the education they deserve. But they are helpless poor people who spend their whole life just looking at the rich people wishing to live a life like them.

Economic inequality in India has led to increasing cases of malnutrition in infants. There is a lack of nutritious food even for the pregnant mother as well as the infant. Both of them are deprived of all essential nutrients which are necessary for the proper growth and increasing immunity of the child. Though there is food being supplied to such places, the food somehow is still deprived of all the nutrients which are responsible for the healthy growth of a child.

Deepali K.

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