GLOBAL WARMING – An issue to look upon!

Global warming and climate change are a global threat. But solutions involve a superhuman level of sacrifice and awareness, says MIT Sloan’s Christopher Knittel. It’s a tough pill to swallow, but modern conveniences and technologies like electricity, transportation, and air conditioning contribute to climate change, and remedies potentially involve significant sacrifice and lifestyle change. It is likely to be the greatest threat of the 21st century.

We need to solve this problem otherwise we will end up destroying our beautiful planet. The government and the public need to work cordially to reduce the release of greenhouse gases. As far as Global Warming is a major issue, all governments of the world are implementing versatile ideas to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. Countries around the world have recognised this problem and had signed a pact in Paris called The Paris Agreement in 2015. They all decided to reduce their carbon footprints. Despite this, the fight against climate change is a real opportunity to transition to a low carbon society, creating jobs, innovation and social justice locally and internationally.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), had set a target of not increasing the temperature more than around 2 degrees Celsius and in the later years around 1.5 degrees. The Solar Impulse Label is granted to innovative solutions that meet high standards of sustainability and profitability. Each solution goes through a strict assessment process performed by independent experts. Despite all of these actions, the results aren’t that fruitful.

We need to rethink everything we know about global warming - ISRAEL21c


We need to change our behaviour and lifestyle to protect and preserve our planet. This is the right time to develop our country individually by curbing carbon emissions as much as possible. In conclusion, we are on the right track to achieve this section of the sustainable development goals. If we come jointly and take initiatives then we can save our planet. Let’s eclipse this worldwide competition by working together, for together.

By Krisha Shah,
From Mumbai.

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