MENTAL HEALTH : Not so serious in India?

A smiling face isn’t always happy

A problem most of the young people face is mental issues commonly termed as anxiety, mood swings, depression and many such names. We believe that every human brain is the same and works similarly. It might be true but the way of perceiving your problem and accepting the situation differs in one person and another.

Society’s contribution

The society does not understand that a person is not out of his mind just because he is not able to cope up with the situation at the moment. A person could be going through a lot which we cannot even imagine yet we judge them and make them feel guilty for his mental status. They might need a therapist or even just a friend to open up their heart but instead, we conclude them to be socially unacceptable just because they cannot face the life they are living.

Our conservative society thinks having depression or anxiety is just a thought of our mind and is not anything serious. But the reality is the person is in a state of mind where he/she is weak and cannot hold themselves up so, we need to help them out by listening to them, giving them the courage to face his/her life and not to give up.

Individual’s responsibility

And even if we are not able to do such favour at least we could consult them to see a therapist who might help them instead of passing comments on them or making them feel inferior and lowering their self-esteem for which they are already insecure.

Scope of change

The people of Indian society expects everyone to lead a perfect life in others’ views though they might have a non-manageable life of their own. They create an illusionary perfect world for others and when others fail to live according to their norms, they start complaining about it. This is the mindset we need to change for our society. And the change starts with you. So, be the change to see the change.

Deepali K.

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