Reel life: The so-called perfect life. We all have once wished to have a life as shown in movies or the life led by the actors. Little did we know that the life they show on screen is not their real life. They portray themselves to be perfect (which is a need of the movie or show) but that isn’t true. We are shown the perfect couples ending with a perfect relationship, actresses with flawless skin, actors with the perfect built-up body, ideal women with an ideal figure and flat stomach, children with no tensions and burdens, adults living the best of their life. This is what we dream of but cannot be true in everyone’s life. We can’t just achieve the things we had wished for in a single day and that too without any hard work or an illegal method. We can’t have our dream home or vacation plan accomplished in a single day as shown in the movies.

And after watching the perfect life of actors, we all try to imitate them. We spend millions to have a figure or skin like them or look perfect and flawless. This has led to a change in the mindset of the people, the audience. We start working to have a life like the celebrities are shown in their movies and fail in it, ultimately leading to disappointment, and we can’t even work for the things we were really capable of. We start underestimating our value because we couldn’t achieve what the actors did in their reel life. We fail to understand that they earn for their acting skills, and that is not the actual life they live. They, too, have their own problems and issues in their personal life which they do not show on the screen. Even they don’t live in the fantasy world that they show in their movies. As an audience, we just focus on the imaginary world shown to us and ignore the reality that “Reel is not the real world.”

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Written by Deepali Karnika

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