Tribhanga – Tedhi Medhi Crazy

Tribhanga- Tedhi Medhi Crazy

 Directed and written by Renuka Shahane

Cast- Kajol, Tanvi Azmi, Mithila Palkar, Kunal Roy Kapoor, Vaibhav Tatwaadi, Manav Gohil, Kanwaljeet Singh.

Duration- 95mins

Release date- 15th January 2021

Language- Hindi

Ratings- 4.5/5


 Can we forgive our parents before it’s too late?

We often believe that whatever our parents decide for us it’s for our welfare. But we forget that at the end of the day they are humans, they too can make mistakes and we might face its consequences, forever. So, the question is- Will we start hating them and never speak to them again? Well in that case a movie can make this concept clear! Tribhanga is the new Netflix Original release that will keep you hooked up till the end and you won’t regret watching it. It throws light on the lives of three characters represented as three dance postures of Indian classical dance form.


The slightly bend posture but the splendid one just like Nayantara Apte (Played by Tanvi Azmi.) A flourished writer who was so devoted to her writing that she kept her personal life as the last priority. Hence her relationship with her husband and children got damaged beyond repair.


The curved and twisted posture but the graceful one like Anuradha Apte (Played by Kajol.) A renowned actress and Odissi dancer leading a messed up life whose credit she gives to her mother.


The balanced and attained posture completely reflects Masha Mehra( Played by Mithila Palkar.) A well-settled family woman, gone through a lot but still calm and poised.

If we do something wrong to others we expect their forgiveness and if the person is close to our heart we tend to forgive them but sometimes asking for forgiveness and forgiving someone seems next to impossible as their deeds are pathetic enough to ruin lives. Nayan’s passion for her writing was too deep and she couldn’t bear anything coming in  her way. As a result, her family fell apart. Later on, she could focus on her work in a better way but Anu and her brother had to pay for it. They were the broken branch that needed support that they never got. Due to Nayan’s inappropriate choice, Anu had to suffer through hell and got a dark past to remember. She couldn’t forget the taunting she had to face by her teacher and classmates, the abusive nature of her stepfather and for all these and held her mother responsible for it. We have the right to make decisions about our life but some of our decisions may affect the lives of our children which can change their way of observing life. As the film proceeds other important characters show up which adds up to the story. Renuka Shahane did a marvelous job by portraying a simple story in a serious, dramatic and artistic way that every family could more or less relate to that on-screen dysfunctional family. You will get to taste every spice of family drama- sweet, sour, bitter and spicy. Every actor has added different layers and shades to their respective characters. It’s the second time Kajol and Tanvi Azmi are working together after the 1997 film ‘Dushman’ where they played mother and daughter. This time, while marking their debut on Netflix, they left no leaves unturned in portraying the ‘Perfect’ imperfect mother and daughter duo. Mithila Palkar’s performance is surely eye-catching where her role is quite different than her previous ones. Kunal Roy Kapoor comes as the surprise-package and steals the show. But undoubtedly it’s Kajol whose charismatic performance would once again make you believe that she’s one of the best actresses in Indian cinema. The way she brings different colours to her character is definitely praiseworthy. Tribhanga is surely a treat to watch that Netflix has to offer at the beginning of the year. 

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