BOOK REVIEW: The fault in our stars

BOOK REVIEW: The fault in our stars


PUBLISHED ON: Jan 10, 2012

GENRE: Young adult novel, Realistic fiction

The book ‘The fault in our stars’ revolves around two teenagers who are dying of cancer.

Hazel Grace Lancaster, a 16 year old with thyroid cancer is forced to attend the support group by her mother. The book is written from Hazel Grace’s point of view. She meets a guy Augustus Waters, who attends the same group to support his friend Issac who has eye cancer. He is 17, who lost his right leg due to osteosarcoma.

Both of them find a spark between them. They spend a lot of time together and the story begins at a point where both agree to read each other’s favorite book. Hazel shares about her favorite novel ‘An Imperial Affliction’ by Peter Van Houten, a story of a cancer-stricken girl. She was so obsessed with the book and the one thing that disturbs her was that the book ended without a conclusion. Hazel was so curious to know what had happened to the characters of the book in the end. She waits for so long for the writer to complete the book and leaves so many e-mails to the writer. Nothing seemed to work.

On the recommendation of Hazel, Augustus reads it and he likes the book and has the same curiosity to know the conclusion. He somehow finds a way to contact the writer and wants Hazel to hear out the conclusion directly to him in person. The story progresses on to a trip to Amsterdam to meet the author. It’s a trip which leads both of them more closely but turns out to be an awful experience upon the author’s behavior.

The end of the story breaks the reader’s heart by the death of Augustus, who made Hazel’s life brighter. On the whole, the book emphasizes the struggle cancer teens undergo and the beautiful relationship that blooms between them.

The fault in our stars is one of the modest love stories, beautifully portrayed in a soul-stirring manner.

“Some infinities are bigger than other infinities.”

Written by R. Varsha

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